My Cat "Sonny Sunshine" His Story

by Mary
(Virginia, USA)

I have a wonderful male Russian Blue Cat that I have had since he was 7 weeks old. His name is SONNY SUNSHINE. (Because he brings so much sunshine to my life).

Sonny is now 6 years old.

Sonny has always been a vibrant, healthy cat who loves attention and loves to play with his human and the other cats in the house. Sonny has NEVER been aggressive or a fighter. He has been full of life and gives little love nibbles whenever he can.

About 3 months ago Sonny developed an ear infection which he didn't display symptoms for until I looked and seen he had clawed his right side of his face open in a horrible open bleeding wound.

A quick trip to the Vet showed he had an ear infection and had clawed his face open by trying to scratch at his infected ear. The Vet gave us an ointment for the would and gave him a antibiotic shot and sent us home (in a soft, cloth E-Collar).

Sonny found ways to get around the soft E-Collar so the Vet then gave us a hard E-Collar for him to wear until his would had healed.

Sonny HATED this collar! It seemed to bother his balance and eating was difficult with the collar so Id take it off for him to eat then put it back on. After 10 days of wearing this collar we was supposed to remove the E-Collar and the Vet felt Sonny would do fine. NOT TRUE. Sonny would STILL find ways to rip his face open over and over and when ID take it off for him to eat he would bite his fur out in chunks off his back (creating more bloody spots). Thus the Vet told me I had two options (1) Leave the collar on about 3 more weeks until he healed completely) or (2) make the decision to PUT HIM DOWN since he would probably continue to self mutilate himself. The thought of putting this vibrant cat down because of a facial wound was OUT OF THE QUESTION. I opted for the E=Collar for a few more weeks. BAD DECISION! I noticed after 2 weeks more of the collar that Sonny was staggering when he walked. He also held his head to one side and it bobbled back
and forth when he tried to eat as if he had no control of his head position. A call to the Vet resulted in being told that Sonny is just "Off Balance" because of the E-Collar and to leave it on 2 more weeks (since he was STILL clawing at his face) This made WAYYYY too many weeks in this collar (I thought) but I trusted this Vet.

Finally before the 2 weeks was up I noticed Sonny presented symptoms that appeared to be like that of a STROKE. Once again this Vet told me " He will gain his balance back...just give it time. I wasn't satisfied.

I took my poor Sonny to another Vet only to find out that my poor boy had INDEED suffered a STROKE and would NEVER be normal again. I am heart broken that I feel I aided in his demise by allowing him to wear this awful collar so long. I wonder if he would have stopped clawing at his face had this collar been removed sooner and his stress lever had been reduced? I feel TERRIBLE!

The new Vet said his quality of life is very poor (although he is NOT in pain) and suggested I put him down. I cannot bring myself to do this to this wonderful boy who STILL loves to be held and cuddled. Although he cannot walk very well and stumbles and falls, I have made him a permanent bed on my sofa where he is always CLOSE to me (Mommy) and where I can give him all the love he deserves. It is the least I can do for him since I feel he was given a bad course of treatment originally.

I work at home so I am with him always night and day. I sing to him and talk to him and cuddle him ALL that I can. I hope I am doing right by him. I will NEVER allow a Vet to give me advice that don't sound or look right EVER AGAIN. My poor Sonny Sunshine paid the price for that already.
Mary in VA, USA

Oct 06, 2012
great story!

that was a sad story! ( god that vet needs to go to another school!) My neighbour `s husband also has stroke =(

Sonny Sunshine will sure go to heaven !!

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