My cat Stanley is having upper respiratory problems...

by Francesca Rose
(Vermillion SD, US)

My cute baby Stan doing what he does best, Crying about something lol :)

My cute baby Stan doing what he does best, Crying about something lol :)

As of lately my cat Stanley has been having some issues. A few months ago we noticed that Stanley was breathing weird, almost like a congested sound in his chest. Then about a month and a half ago he started puking up foamy stuff. I thought this was hair balls so I gave him hair ball remedy. That day and the next day to follow he puked least three times a day. He lost too much weight and was acting lethargic. We took him to the vet immediately and he gave him two antibiotic shots and liquid clavimox for use to give to him twice a day. When we got home he was NOT himself. Just laying there, not eating, not moving, not meowing. He kept trying to hide from us. I was so worried he was going to die. But after about two days he seemed to pull out of it and started acting like his loud crazy self again. He even gained a lot of weight which made m happy. Everything was fine until a few days ago I noticed his breathing is doing the same things again. He is starting to have that congested noise and slightly snoring, he even started loudly gagging.

I had a cat a few years before I got Stanley, Named Kato. He was my baby and barely made it a year thanks to Cat leukemia. I had thought it was a kitty cold and before we knew it it had caused lumps to form in his throat which cut off his air if he laid down. We had to put him down.
It was the humane thing to do at that point.It had taken him so so fast :( IDK if I'm being paranoid or if Stanley should go back to the vet for more antibiotics and a feline leukemia test. I'm terrified. I love Stanley so so much and would be crushed, devastated, heart broken if I lost another cat to this disease. Am I over reacting? Please help. IDK what to do. Stanley is literally my best friend. He shows me so much love, his literally apart of this family. I don't get paid for 4 more days. Anything I can do to help him with his stuffy, congested breathing? Thank you so much for your time.


Well it could be that your cat does suffer from fur balls a lot and this could be causing these issues. However cat colds etc also not unusual.

However I think if I were you i would speak to your vet again and ask him to perhaps do some more tests to way lay your fears. I think if you have worries and fears then a blood test will help to either find a problem or ease your fears and then you can manage your cat’s problems properly. Guessing and worrying can be the worst thing for both of you, I know.
Better to find out for sure whether or not your cat has issues or perhaps a weak chest, who knows and that’s why getting some more tests done is your best option.

I do hope he is fine and that this is nothing more than a chill.

Best wishes kate

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Breathing problems
by: Catgrl22

I also have a cat named Stanley who had similar problems. I originally took him to the vet and he was put on antibiotics which worked for a couple of days. So I took him back and they did an X-ray of his skull and chest. This revealed that he had large nasopharyngeal polyps which was causing him to have a hard time breathing and eating. My vet recommend a specialist, who was able to remove them twice. He is now a healthy and happy little boy!

I've found its best to find a vet that is a really good diagnostician, who really pays attention to what your observations are as well as their own along with proper testing!

Hope this helps! Good luck with your Stanley...

please respond
by: amy

my cat is also having the exact same problems. however our other kitty just died suddenly at 10 months due to a heart attack and i was wondering if maybe her breathing differently is a form of depression because she is making little sad noises and grunting while breathing. i was wondering if you had any more news on your little kitty and his symptoms as ive had oreo to the vet clinic a lot this past month and with no reason for these symptoms. hope your kitty is well xx

by: Anonymous

Maybe your kitty has asthma. He has similar symptoms as my friends cat who has asthma. Hope this helps

by: Anonymous


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