my cat suddenly hates me

by mai samir

i have a 6 months cat she used to love me soo much and played with me.suddenly she only let my cousin play with him and touch him but not me . he eats from my hand but after eating wheni come near him he left and go somewhere else !!! what have i done i love him soo much i am sooo sad what should i do

Don't worry he does not hate you he is simply growing up. cats and kittens go through stages just like us humans do but theres can be much quicker. At 6 months he is slowly moving into adulthood. his hormones are changing and his needs and wants are different.

i don't know if you have had your cat neutered yet but if not then this would explain his cooler behavior towards you. It would be a good time to start to think about having neutered soon. there are many benefits to this both for his health and for his behavior.

All you can do is be calm and relaxed around him. Try to engage him in games with string and balls etc.

You must remember what the lovely things about cats is that they are very independent animals. Not like dogs and so you must love them and respect them for who they are.

he still loves you and always will as long as you are kind and gentle with him.

best wishes kate

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by: Anonymous

Has anything changed that might have upset your cat gaga. Sometimes when there are other cats around a cat can get very upset and temperamental. In case anything has recently changed you could perhaps look into that. Your kitty might just be upset

by: Gaga

I am elderly and have lived with Emma (my cat & companion) near on 3 years. A few weeks ago she simply lost her mind. She looks at me with pure anger, I do not have a clue? She went from hissing & spitting to attacking me. She is an odd feline, always has expressed herself when angry by hissing & spitting' even swatting with no claws exposed. Well, that changed and it seemed as if Emma had control (& did). After a lot of contemplating, I chose to have her front claws removed, to avoid a transfusion. I brought her home, she wants me to love her, then she turns so hateful-looks at me with pure hate. I am at a loss, but not afraid, just concerned-I love her. She couldn't possibly be placed anywhere with her condition. I am sure that she would be put down, first. Could she be bipolar?

by: Brooke McBored~Face

Is there anything else I can do to get him to be all lovey dovey like he used to? I really miss when he would cuddle me and sleep with me. Now he doesn't even let me pet him. He'll eat treats out of my hand but he's just in love with my bfs mom. I've been so depressed for other reasons as well and I thought cats can sense that? He still just acts like he doesn't care and I miss him. Could it also be because we had another cat before him who's older and more affectionate with me? Could my kitten be jealous? I just don't know what to do and I'm very impatient. I just want my kitten to show me love again :C

by: Kevin Johnson

It's uncommon but I have seen cats bond with other people than their original masters as adults, especially if they get out and about and know other people on their rounds. You pick your friends don't you? Well so do cats, and a feed bowl isn't always what they want.
I remember a story about a cat who was brought up by a woman, then went to hang out and live at a halfway house for men. He simply liked them better, and what's more, cats like to have 'jobs' and perhaps this cat felt he was 'needed' more at the halfway house where he ended up.

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