My Cat Sweet Penny Shaved

by Erinn
(Houston TX)

So I took my cat Penny to the groomers yesterday to get her shaved. This would be the first time I have ever taken her to the groomers, and the reasons are is because she is a long haired white persian and she started getting terrible matts and brushing wasnt helping. So long story short I picked her up from the groomers took her home and then had some errands to run. My boyfriend came home right after me to spend some time with penny because Im sure she was tramatized, and I though she would be so mad at me! But instead I get a text from my boyfriend saying Penny is acting weird she wont leave me alone. So I get home in bed and Penny climbs in bed with me and my boyfriend and curls up under the covers inbetween the two of us. She never does this ever!! She will sleep at our feet on top of the covers sometimes but NEVER by our faces under the covers... she also curled up towards the middle of the night right by my face her nose was touching my nose. ?? Is she okay, I love the affection and attention she wants from me but its also not like her at all!

Answer by Kate
i wouldn't worry too much this sounds like a cat who is very happy to be at home again with her family. I have had the same experience from one of my cats after they came home from the vets.

She probably feels a little insecure and is seeking out comfort and security from being close to you. You will probably notice that this behavior will decrease as the days go by and she becomes more settled again at home and the experience of the groomers fades in her mind.

best wishes Kate

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