My cat throws up every night between 3:30 and 4 AM

by Laurie
(Attica, MI, USA)

This is Bogart

This is Bogart

Every night my cat throws up, he is about 1 1/2 years old and he has been doing this for a while now. We have adjusted his food and that did not work, about every other night it is a hairball he trows up with his food, it is only a small amount so i can not figure out what is going on. He is very obsessive with me, he follows me everywhere i go and is constantly licking my hand and he sleeps with me and he cries at night if he can not see me. He is declawed and every night he will come to me and scratch my back until i finally get up with him and he just wants to play, and if i shut him out of my room he cries and cries and scratches at my door. Could he be making himself sick?

Answer by Kate
I find myself on difficult ground as i do not want to offend. I do not agree with decalwing and i feel that it can lead to cat stresses due to possible discomfort and being able to defend himself. i am guessing he is also a cat inside, another issue i feel strongly about.
For me it sounds like a cat with security issues and possible separate anxiety ( this just means that he is nover dependant on his humans0 see my page about this here
Also is he a long haired cat, if so he will need to be groomed at least three timesa week my you to try and help prevent hairballs. there is also some medication that can be bourght from the pet store to help a cat bring up any hairballs they may have.
Sorry i was not able to give more advice as i feel that because oif my views it would not be right. Perhaps others will comment here.

Great photo by the way

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Cat throws up between 3 & 4:00 AM mostly every night!
by: Anonymous

We adopted her about 2 months ago. She had been at the shelter for almost a year, she’s 9 1/2 & is severely overweight! We have 2 other cats plus my (college daughter has one with her) so we started her off in our office/den and when our daughter went back after spring break we moved her to my daughters room temporarily until she got more used to our Newfie that sleeps in our room. Finally we made the move to our room and this is where she started throwing up almost every night. She only threw up once while in the office /den and never in my daughters room! Our bedroom is large and she has an large area that I sectioned off for her and she can come and go on our screened pool and patio. I saw where someone said about a diffuser and I do have a feliway plugged in right beside her cat tree where she hangs out during the day but sleeps on our bed (where she throws up) at night. I had them in the other areas but not as close. I started giving her dry food a little earlier but maybe I need to cut her off at like 8pm? If moving the diffuser and cutting off eating to earlier time doesn’t work then we’ll head to the vet!

by: Benny Blanko hurls chunks


This is a very very late update but forgot about this thread. We had to get an ultrasound scan for Benny in the end as he kept being sick and the blood tests weren't showing anything. He had cancer and after 2 weeks we had to out him to sleep as he was being sick more, lost a lot of weight and was in distress with it all.

I never found a solution to this with all the googling I did so thought it leave this here but hope that your cat has a better outcome.

Benny was 13 so he did well, just wish we could have made it longer.

11 o'clock sicknies
by: Anonymous

So glad to hear that other people have this issue with their cats. I will try feeding her a little before she comes to bed.

by: Sherry Songe

Our 15 yr old cat has been doing that, same time every night too. It’s a relief to know she is not the only one! She seems so "apologetic" after. Everything else seems normal except she is drinking more water. She can only eat one RX food, we measure how much she’s allowed for the day, always have food in the bowl, but she only eats when we are with her, but we always sit there while she eats her night time "snack". Hope this is just a temporary problem, it’s only been a few days, keeping fingers crossed.

by: Mick UK

May cat was being sick every night. I used to use oil diffusers. I had two of the water type not the burner type. When I stopped using them my cat stopped being sick every night. Have a look at this link:

by: Carol

My cat has thrown up 3 nights/early morning now. She throws up her evening meal, then clear liquid in 5 to 7 locations. She is only 5 years old. I am waiting on her blood test results.

by: Benny Blanco hurls chunks


My cat Benny is throwing up every night at 5am for the last 3 weeks. I've taken him to the vet twice and had blood tests done which came back fine. He eats, he drinks, he uses the litter tray for both jobs but hurls every morning. Has anybody found a cause/solution to each of their problems. There are several cats that have gone through this on the thread but haven't heard a solution?


Try even more feedings
by: Anonymous

Thousands of dollars in vet bills and it turns out adding a 5am feeding solved the problem. My cat gets fed multiple small (9) meals a day and then one day she starts throwing every day in the early morning. I tried omeprazole, didn’t work. Tried changing food, didn’t work. The vet thinks she’s got cancer or IBS. Gave her an antinausea, which worked but doesn’t solve the core problem. Went for a second opinion. Changed to a different food, back to the original food. Again, possibly cancer or IBS. Quite obviously I’m fed up at this point, she’s up several hours at night crying, she’s in pain and I’m up with her feeling beyond helpless. So I just fed her. No vomiting. Tried it again the next night, no vomiting again. $1000s and no one told me to try a middle of the night feeding, just a later feeding, which I did at 1am but didn’t work.

Vomiting at night
by: Anonymous

I’m having the same problem. We adopted a neutered male less than 2 yrs old with medium length fur. At night I didn’t want him jumping on everything knocking things over or getting in the dog pen area. So he sleeps in my room and has access to his dry food all night with fresh water all available. In the early evenings the dogs are fed and put out then it’s Louie’s turn to get wet canned food. He still has access to the dry 24/7 as well. From bringing him home on Memorial Day weekend to the Labor Day weekend he was strictly a housecat. I gradually let him go out when it was raining till he knew exactly where Home was. Now he can go in and out when he pleases. At this point he has done so well not jumping and breaking things that I decided to let him have full range of the house. That’s when the vomiting everynight started. Mostly it was puddles of digested food, sometimes undigested, and an occasional fur ball. Oh and he is brushed more that three times a week.
When he was confined to only my room and the light went out he knew it was bed time. He would still get up to eat but wasn’t wandering around. So I think I have figured out his problem by what others have shared... hopefully.

I think declawing cats should be considered a crime,!
by: Anonymous

I think people need to put themselves in they're animals shoes when it comes to a horrific, painful experience like declawing! Just imagine someone ripping your nails off that you use to protect yourself with, actually just think of how you feel! These people should not be able to have any animals if they are so worried about their furniture or whatever the excuse may be. It's horrible! Don't do this people! It's a form of abuse in my opinion...Love them, don't put them that! Don't play God!

Spewzila is no more
by: Jondell

Jan I read a few pages about this and basically a lot of em said that it could just be they're going between feeds to long so I changed the settings on my automatic feeder and mines not been sick since, I had also booked a vet check as was getting worried but she's not been sick since that appointment was set up so I ended up canceling that appointment the night before ( I half expected her to start being sick again lol)
But now the feeder goes off at 00:00 07:00 and 14:00 and my dad has food in his bedroom (where only spewzila is allowed) and he has some when his downstairs that he only let's her (and sometimes her sister) get to and when I remember they all get meat pouches too

But seems small and often meals seems to work for her. we don't get to call her the spewzila or such names anymore so she's back to just Sassy Sally now and she's decided my dad belongs to her lol

early morning vomiting
by: Jan

I have 7 cats and always find some kind of vomit on the floor in the morning. It could either be a small amount of undigested food, water or foam. I have seen so far that it is 3 of my cats. I brought them to the vet, had blood tests done and one even had an ultrasound done and a fecal check because of his pot belly, but everyone came out clean. My vet does not know what could be causing it. He said to give them 1/4 pill of a 10 mg. Pepcid and feed all the cats a small meal before I go to bed, which I am doing. Two cats have stopped vomiting, but the third one is still vomiting. I feel terrible for him, but don't know how to help him. Any suggestions?

The Spewtacular spewbag!
by: Jondell

Not sure if this is a new or old thread but

I've recently adopted Two kittens a Siamese and a British short hair sister moggies from a cat charity there're about 6months old now I also have a 1 and half y/o Oriental male ALL have been chipped and desexed
But the BSH has started vomiting around 10-11 am she wakes up gets off the kittycity combo they have in their room and then vomits up a greeny - browny slug for lack of a better word
Then sniffs it and walks off to drink from their fountain or to to eat the dry food (royal cainn Siamese) from the autofeeder or goes and pounces on her sister or new big brother she seems absolutely fine in every other was so a bit perplexed about it

I did manage to catch at lest two vomiting on the up can I have in their room

I can't see it being anything contagious as they all eat from the same automatic feeder for the dry food and the same water fountain (it's even a new one coz the pump died on the old one) and they all share the same scoop free automatic cleaning litter tray
And the shear the kittycity cat tower combo I even added a couple more of the sleeping nest things so they all got one each so no more squabbles (YEAH RIGHT!) they do get meat pouches when I remember (I have fibromyalgia which can make me forget things sometimes) I tried not giving them any in case that's what was coursing it but nope still purks almost every morning I've started calling her Sally spewbags or the spewtacular spewbag

Throws Up After Sleeping
by: Anonymous

Our 18 year old tabby throws up regularly after she has been sleeping for hours. No other time that we've noticed. Sometimes there's a hair ball other times none. Sometimes digested food, other times murky fluid. Took her to her vet who changed her food and did blood work (showed nothing). Got a second vet opinion that was basically the same. We have accepted its something we'll deal with until she departs.

early morning vomiting
by: Georgie

We tried some late night food. Unfortunately Mist inhaled her food. From the minute we adopted her from the shelter at age 3 all the way to age 15 she would eat all her food in 10 seconds flat. Nothing we could do ever slowed her down. Putting any food out at bedtime meant it was eaten immediately with nothing left for middle of the night or early morning. What ultimately made a difference was feeding her small portions four or five times a day. She was constantly hungry and looking for food because she never quite got full at any feeding -- which made me feel bad -- but she quit vomiting. Unfortunately, about 6 months after all of that she got sick and died with 5 days. One minute she was eating and dashing about normal and the next a huge tumor reared it's ugly head. I miss the cat every day, but we have since adopted another cat from the shelter who is a really cutie pie.

vomiting early in am
by: Anonymous

Your cat may be vomiting early in the morning because it has been too long since his last meal. The cat's stomach fills with bile and it is irritating so the cat vomits(called billous vomiting)Try feeding a small amount of food late, before you go to bed or put out a small plate of food for the middle of the night.

Our cat does the same (throws up)
by: Georgie

Our cat is 15 years old and also throws up now every night -- or actually every morning. She tends to throw up between 5 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., but usually around 6:30, which is about an hour before she would normally get fed. She threw up clear liquid for a few weeks almost a year ago, then stopped, but it started up again about a month ago. It was always clear liquid and if you hadn't heard the vomiting noises you would have thought it was just spilled water. Most of the time it was a decent amount of clear liquid (like a whole cup), but over the past week it changed. Some mornings it looks like a typical yellowish pukey color and includes bits of food. Other days it's almost greenish and includes a bit of hair. Either way, she acts completely normal the rest of the day. She's also capable of eating her food immediately afterward with no signs of distress. I was beginning to think she threw up at the point where she was over-hungry since it happens close to her morning feeding time. I was hoping to see that someone else had gotten a clearcut diagnosis on this. Vet visits are pretty much out, as my husband and I both lost our jobs and "times is tough," as they say.

My cat is sick eery night
by: Anonymous

My sixteen year old cat has been throwing up every morning between the hours of 4.30 & 6.30 a.m. Once she has been sick she has a drink of water
and goes back to sleep. She is quite happy the rest of the day and eats normally. Around a year ago she did the same thing and it lasted around three weeks then stopped. This has gone on now for around two weeks. Any ideas what could be wrong?

Reply Hi At sixteen she is getting on a bit and like the rest of us we get older she may be getting some digestive problems.
She really should be checked out by a vet to rule out anything else and he will be able to advise on the best course of action for your elderly cat.

best wished kate

by: Amber Harrington

I have a 9 year old black and white moggy called Milo. When he was one he was diagnosed with a severe heart murmur. It's a miracle that he's still going! I'm typing at 4:39am because he has just vomited once again. He's never been a sicky cat over the years, but over the last few weeks its been every night. At first it was clear but it's been becoming more and more digested to the point that he's now practically vomiting faeces. Last year he was introduced to two smaller cats and has hated one since we first got him, so maybe it could all be stress related? But then I noticed that you said medicine. Milo is on a medicine called frusemide which helps to pass liquid through his system. He's been on it since he was diagnosed.

cat throwing up
by: Steve

Cats do not throw up on a regular basis for no reason at all. It is quite likely that your cat has an inflammatory bowel situation. One of my many cats requires a steroid shot about once a year when he begins to throw up digested food with bile or slimy liquid in it. This could be allergy or stress related but the shot appears to relieve the stomach or bowel inflammation and nips it in the bud.

The trip to the vet is always unpleasant but this has occurred 3 times and a single depomedrol shot has always worked. I would go the oral prednazone route but you can't pill this cat with only one set of hands. I would not want to use any steroids on a long term basis but I feel comfortable with this.

Don't accept the fact that cats throw up regularly. An occasional incident is one thing. You also need to take note of what is being expelled. Undigested food can mean eating too fast. Dry cat food expands when it gets wet and sometimes they eat too fast and then run around the house and throw it up. Digested food is a totally different issue. Remember throwing up is not only unpleasant, but the cat is not getting the nutrition from the meal if he throws it up.

Please spend a few dollars and take the cat to the vet.

Good Luck!

My cat too
by: Anonymous

No sure about the above response to your problem, because my cat does the exact same thing and has none of the issues you described. She's short hair, indoor, has her claws, no anxiety, doesn't cling to me, but throw up every morning (just a little clear fluid) at 4am. Anybody else have any thoughts?

More info on Bogart
by: Laurie

When I got the cat he was already declawed. I have never believed it that either. And he is indoors, but that it not because of us. We live in the country and are outside quite a bit. We leave the door open for him to come out and he chooses to just sit there in the door. We have brought him outside and he tries to get inside your clothing and he is a big cat to do that. I have got him the hair ball medicine, and he has special food for that and urinary track. Grooming is done every day because he loves it.
I am gone most of the day i leave at 6 am and get home at 8 pm, my husband is there all day.
We have tried all kinds of toys for him and he turns his nose up to everything but the rings off the milk jug. I have made him shelves and put them at the windows for him to look outside.
I do not know what to do about this. We try to keep him up during the day which he usually is under our feet, but he still does this every night. So what am I suppose to do. It is very hard to ignore a cat that is almost demanding that i get up with him.

Answer by Kate
I know it can be very hard to ignore a cat at night time if they are trying to get you up. My own cat used to be terrible. I had to be very strong and never give in to her, we used to keep her in a separate room with a quiet radio on. She eventually realised that this was the time to be quiet and she would settle down.

If the vomiting continues i would take him to the vets for some tests, he may have a particular digestive disorder.

If the vet gives him a clean bill of health then it may be that you are unlubky enough to have a very nervous cat at night and vomiting his way of getting your attention. You could try having a set routine at night say a lot of fuss about an hour before bedtime, a light snack just before bedtime and providing him with a quiet comfortable room of his own. It may take some time for him to get used to , but a routine may help him to calm down.
Fingers crossed.

interesting answer anyway
by: pet urns

we have a cat with separation anxiety and she is nt easy to live with -- was declawed before we got her, so now have a clue as to what may be causing her problems. thanks -- Mary --

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