My cat urinates on everything.

by steve fackerell
(ogden, utah)

I am not really a cat person. I got my cat Casey to save her life from one of those people who like the newness of an animal, but not the responsibility. this person reached under her porch and grabbed the kitten. Casey was supposed to be a wild cat. even though iam not a cat person, i refuse to watch an animal suffer. six years later i still have her but iam at my wits end, she urinates on everything. my chairs, my bed, everything. I dont invite people over for fear they my sit in cat pee.

i cant keep up with her doing this. her litter is clean, she has food and water, is it a wild instinct thing. i love her but i cant deal with it anymore. I have thought of giving her up to someone who can deal with this problem, but i want to exhaust all options first...please help.

Answer from KAte
Hi i can understand your frustrations. Unfortunately there are several possibilities to why your cat does this.

the first thing you need to do is to have your cat checked over by a vet to rule out any possible urinary infection or other underlying illness which could be causing her some distress.

Once you can be sure that there is no illness involved you can then start to tackle the behavioral issue behind this.

The following page describes some of the possible causes for urination caused by behavioral issues and how you can help your cat.

Dont worry too much at this stage, i have been through a similar experience with one of my cats and although it took some time and a little experimentation etc we solved her problem. in my cats case it was a urinary problem which was solved by feeding her dry food only which forced her to drink more and this cleared up the infection etc. but behavioral causes are far more common and these can take a little more time to sort out as we humans are not always aware of issues which could be upsetting our cats.

best wishes Kate

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