My cat was neutered and his back legs got so weak

by Alla
(Staten island NY)

I very concerned about my 6 month old kitten.

Recently he has been neutered, and after few days we noticed he started to walk differently, and then his back legs gone so weak he couldn’t stand. We went to the animal hospital and they were very surprised that our cat got these symptoms. Doctor just prescribed some antibiotics and he said it should help my cat. My question is if it is normal after being neutered get some kind of infection that will affect cat’s back legs??? Will it go away after 10 days of antibiotics? Or could it happen because they did not prescribe antibiotics when he was neutered??

Answer by Kate
well I must admit I haven't come across this problem before after neutering, so it is not a normal occurrence.

Unfortunately wil any operation there is always a risk of infection and it sounds like your cat may have nbeen unlucky.

The course of antibiotics should clear the problem up if it is caused by a infection. if he is still the same after the pills have ended, definately take him back for further examinations.

Perhaps someone else will have had a similar experience and may be able to comment further.

Hope he is better soon

best wishes Kate

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Weak legs
by: Coleen

Day 2 after neutered,his back legs appear weak when he attempts to jump on anything!Its impossible to put him in a room where there isn’t something to jump on!Tried carrier but that went horribly as he rolled it over,clawing and very frightened! I can only hope for the best,appetite is great,sleeping more,which I thinks normal but must say today I regret it!

Stiff/weak back leg after spay
by: Mark van Kleef

Our 18 month old male also has a stiff leg that after collapses/drags behind. It has been 10 days since the spay surgery and this is still occurring. Poor guy.

cat same thing
by: Anonymous

got my cat back the other day and he has the same issues with his back legs. he jumps and barely can land on his back legs.

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