My cat was Shaking uncontrollably then just stopped

by Evita

My kitten is 8-9 weeks old, and I started to notice that he was shaking a lot, and he wouldnt stop. I looked this up on the internet, and it said that my cat most likely has Feline Urologic Syndrome. I thought this seemed like that was what was going on. Then it stopped.

This all happened from the moment I noticed him and to writting this question. It has been approximetly 15 minutes. He just started shaking again.

I am really concerned about his health at this point. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?

Hi Evita
There is only one thing you can do and that is to take your kitten to see a vet as soon as possible.

The shaking could be a symptom of all sorts of things from neurological conditions to common infections etc but without an examination there is no way of knowing.

i can tell you love and want to care for your kitten and by taking him to see a vet as soon as possible you are providing the very best care possible.

kittens as young as yours can become ill very quickly and without treatment may not survive.

At the very least you will give yourself peace of mind at the very best you will be saving your kittens life.

Now it may be nothing serious but do you want to take that chance? As i say shaking could be an indication of all sorts of things, some possibly serious others not but you need to find out for sure which.

I hope your kitten is back to good health soon

best wishes kate

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