My cat will not shut up!

by ali

a couple years ago i adopted two cats together. They are both spayed/nuetered and are indoor outdoor cats. A couple months ago the boy cat started meowing constantly. it ranges from regular chatter to yowling. ive had to start leaving him outside for long periods of time so i can get sleep. the female cat is not doing this so usually she sleeps in the house while he has to stay out alone. i feel terrible but it is driving me crazy! the bedroom door is left open for them, the litter box is always clean and fresh food and water is always available. Im at a loss as to why he suddenly started doing this and how to make it stop. please help!

Answer by KAte
Umm odd that it should start all of a sudden. i am assuming that he is not a very old cat as some older cats can start to be more vocal as they get older and start to suffer a form of dementia

Night time is the normal time for acts to be more active and it could be that there is a new cat in the neighborhood that your cat senses and is calling to assert his authority on the territory.

You could try a method that I used on one of my cats years ago. About half an hour or so before bed time I used to play a runaround game with my cat to help tire him out and to help satisfy his need for the chase. then just before I went to bed I would give him a meal, this used to help settle him down for the night.

Some cast will sleep through the night others will want to go out in the early hours, so if it is possible to have a cat flap available for him that would be ideal. if not then you have to either keep him in a separate room with lots of toys to help keep him amused or let him out for the night. Every cat is different and so we have to adapt to each one individually.

I have a page about cat meowing which you may find of further interest here

best wishes Kate

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