My Cat will not stop meowing for food.

It seems it doesnt matter how much you feed this cat, in a short time he comes back meowing for food. Sometimes right AFTER he is done eating. Also this is getting very bad in the middle of the night to. The cats starts to meow around two sometimes. Most of the time it is around 4 and is just strait meowing for food. THen the same thing happens, we feed him then comes back for more or will either throw up after because he has been chewing on plants. He is 12 years old, been spayed etc...always goes for his annual tests. He isnt sleeping that much either. We brought him to the vet some time ago for this problem and they say it this and that, but I feel they like to play on people heart strings when it comes to there pets. Help would be much appreciated, THank You.

Answer by Kate
Has the vet done a blood test for a thyroid problem? It is very common for cats to develope thyroid problems and one of the signs of a problem is that the cat cries for food all the time but doesn't seem to put weight on. My cat suffered from this and lickily i took her to the vets just in time as she was losing so much weight that she was also losing muscle. Medication or an operation will sort the problem out.

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Intestinal parasites - probably, threadworms - are the problem
by: Anonymous

They're tricky to get rid of, but this is why your cats are eating and not gaining weight. You're basically feeding only the parasites. Other signs: clay-like appearance, or diarrhea, to stool accompanied by terrible odor. Only the Baermann test by your vets can diagnosis it properly.

You need to have your cats dewormed, and, if your cats share a bed with you, or other close living space, you should see your doctors and be treated, too, as some species of this cestode are zoonotic.

My cat is the same!
by: Anonymous

I have a female ginger and white cat. she also meows and when you follow her she always runs to her bowl. i try feeding her 3 times a day and get in a routine but she still meow and gets very annoying. since she was a kitten she went in the side passage part of the house to sleep so she doesnt disturb us at night. she used to throw up a lot after eating, that was normally after feeding her too much and regularly happened at night.

i think she has associated food/bowl to human interaction so when she goes to her bowl it just means she wants a bit of fuss. I cuddle her and then put her down and ignore the meowing. hopefully soon she will stop begging for food.

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