my cat won't eat

by kendra

I haven't seen my cat in about a week or two but today i have he was so skinny i could fill his bones i almost cried cause i didn't know what to do i fed him his favorite food and something else he just won't eat anything please!!!!!!!!!!!! HElP

Answer by Kate
Sounds like your cat may be ill and needs some medical treatment. HE may have tooth problems making it painful for him to eat, or he may have figestive problems. You must take him to a vet as soon as possible to have him checked over, he is suffering at the moment and the best thing you can do for him is to seek professional advice from a vet.

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My Pretty Girl
by: Denise

Hi and thanks for your comments...I had to put my "Pretty Girl" to sleep. She was too sick, I had her for about 12 years and when I got her from the shelter she was about 2 years old. I saved her from being euthanized at the shelter. She had only 1 day to live before I adopted her. I know I did the right thing, I wanted to keep her alive for me. I gave her 12 years of love.

by: steven

To all pet lowers.
I writhing you this letter in a name of my familly
and ours belloved cat minnie.She past away on august 16.We dont realise what is going with her till was to late to save her.She was not eating well,all day she was stayng outside and if do not offer her a food or water she will not eat or drink.Last few days of her life we had to force fed her.We take her to the vet and they find tumor grow in her abdomen.Just this february on her welnes test everything was ok .So my point is do not ignore your pets cry .Yes some times they cry for attention or food or to go out or to play,but some time they cry becuse they are sick.Our minnie was 18+Years old.So take care about yor pet and love them like they love you.

My cat won't eat
by: Denise

My 8 year old cat won't eat, I took her to the vet and they found nothing wrong with her. Not sure if it's her age but she is getting very skinny. The only good about this is she is still drinking water. Force feeding is my next option but before I begin to do that is there any other options? Thanks.

Answer by Kate
try changing her food to something else to see if that works. Also it could be that she has lost her sense of smell of it is not as good as it once was. cats are stimulated to eat by smell, so make sure the food is smelly enough, you could even try warming the food ever so slightly as this increases the smell, so either add a tiny bit of hot water to the food or pop it in the micro for 10 sections.

to cat won't eat!
by: Anonymous

i am writing to the young lady who's cat will not eat. i did not get good answers when i needed them!
yes, it could be infected teeth, or it could be a very serious illness. not to alarm you? but take your cat in to the vet immediately. please. i lost my cat this way. (but it was a very serious illness) GOOD LUCK.

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