My cat won't eat

We adopted our Persian cat, about a year ago. I'd say he is about 4 or 5 years old. He was found abandoned, covered in oil, and an animal rescue center took him, and a few days afterwards we adopted him.

When we got him, he was obviously scared as it was a new environment. But that didn't stop him eating. He had a healthy appetite, and quickly put on weight.

As most persians, they have problems. He had a problem with one eye, a flipped eye lid, and we went and took him to get it operated on about 3 months ago. He would still eat, not as much, but still eating. He then had tartar in his teeth. We took him to vet again, and when he came back home a few hours afterwards, he was passed out, obviously. Since a few days before that operation, until today, a total of 7 weeks. He's not eaten. We've forced fed him, but on his own, he won't eat. We've tried giving him fish, chicken, changed his food bowl, his regular food, changed the brand of his food, kitten food, just about anything. And he won't eat. He'll drink, but not eat. His personality completely changed. From being a crazy, hyper cat, to a quiet, sullen and prefers to be on his own cat.
He'll drink, and pee normally, doesn't meow or anything.

We also did try to give him an appetite stimulant, but as I said previously, still won't eat.

We took him to vet, checked him for just about everything including FIP and cancer. But all his tests came negative.

We don't know what to do anymore, and have been advised to put him down. He's otherwise a healthy cat.
Any help ?

Poor cat he does sound really miserable. He has been through a lot and some cats can become depressed and this can cause reduced appetite.

As long as the vet does not think he has any problems with his mouth or is any pain you can only put this down to trauma.

In which case you could try some cat calming medication of sprays which can help ease anxiety. See this page for more on these


Also distraction techniques may help to bring him out of this fearful quiet mood. You will have to take it slowly and gently but if you try buying him something new to grab his attention and spend a few minutes with him and his new toy every day it may over time start to help him recover.

this page will give you some ideas as to all the different sorts of cats toys available that can be a little more interesting than just a plain mouse

cats like routine and security so setting up a regular feeding routine, play times etc may help. You will have to be persistent though.

cats eat food which has a strong smell this helps to stimulate their appetite so try either warming up slightly his food which will increase its smell of at least make sure the food is not chilled. Keep the food simply and sont keep trying different brands as this can also upset them. I feed my cats whiskers steamed fish which come in pouches, looks like real fish and has a good smell to it, it was the only thing my two boys would eat when they were ill recently.

Anyway i do hope he recovers soon

best wishes kate

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by: Anonymous

About 4 months ago I adopted a pet from our local animal control, it had been 16 yrs since I had a cat, I had dogs, he was a Manx, ate well when I first got him, took him to vet he was put on special diet for liver, two weeks later liver was fine diagnosised with diabetis, he stopped eating still drinking water, was on IV hydration for 2 days, two weeks later back on hydration for 4 days and had a feeding tube put in, when more tests were done it turned out he had pancritis and stomach absess and I had to put him down, it I known this I would have not made him go through what he did. I only had him 2 1/2 months. He was so loving, Even though I only had Bonzo such a short time, I understand your loss and you are in my prayers.

cats not eating
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to hear about your cat.mine is doing the same thing its only been five days but very worried as to tried your hardest :)

cat won't eat
by: Anonymous

He very well could have had FIP. Thre is no definitive test for it and the only test they have comes back negative 50% of the time when it is really positive. sorry for your loss

by: Reb

Thank you for the reply. He died today at 11am. We tried everything you mentioned but he wasn't interested. Last Friday he stopped drinking by himself. He became severely dehydrated. We gave him water through a syringe, without the needle obviously.
He just would not eat. He had been through a lot, and my mother's theory is that he was scared he was going to be abandoned again and this was his way of saying I refuse to go through with that again.
But how can a cat just starve himself to death ? Doesn't instinct kick in ?? He refused all food.
Last night we gave him over 10 syringe's of watered down baby formula. He died in his sleep.
R.I.P Garfield

Comment from Kate
I am so sorry to hear your sad news. There had to be something wrong and preventing him from eating. I dont think he starved himself on purpose due to fear or anything.

Anyway now is not the time to wonder what happened, now is the time to remember your friend and to be happy he is no longer suffering.

You did everything for him you could, feel good about that.

best wishes kate

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