My cat wont go outside and now started to wee inside.

by Corina

My cat is 8years old, he lived in a quite flat since 6weeks, with a cat flap in the window…then we moved, he did struggle to settle and after 6weeks finally started popping outside in the night. Unfortunately one night he accidentally got shut out, but only for 5mins or so…he was traumatised and 1 month later, he still hasn’t gone out again. The bigger problem is he has started to wee in the house…mainly when his litter tray is dirty (although it gets cleaned the min we know he has been in it) Now we only have 4weeks until we go on holiday…my dilemma is, I cannot expect someone to clean his tray or risk leaving him and worrying he will do toilet in the house whilst we are away…help…what should I do?

Answer by Kate
Of course you should expect someone who has agreed to look after your cat while your away to clean the litter tray etc.

Looking after a cat means feeding,and cleaning if they are not prepared to do that then they are not really the right people to look after your cat.

please see my page on pet sitters etc.

My neighbors always look after my two cats when I'm away and there has never been any question that they would not deal with the litter tray.

In the mean time take your cat through a period of litter training again to help them relax and to not urinate around the house (although if he is a nervous cat then you going away may also upset him) so i recommend that you read my page about anxious cats too.

best wishes Kate

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by: Corina

I think my main concern is getting him back outside again...what is the best way to do this?

i think you will just have to let him do this in his own time. if you try to force the issue it is likely just to make things worse for him. i think patience is the best option.

best wishes Kate

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