My cat won't move, play, shes just completely stationary.

by Ryan culley
(Dublin, Ireland)

Im wondering what could cause her to be like this, she won't move from the top of the sofa, which is VERY odd seeing as how she's such a curious, playful little thing. She just sits there, staring into the back garden from across the room, theres no marks on her, and she's well fed and watered. I just need to know if theres anything medically that could be wrong or if she was attacked and is just scared?

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Ryan Culley.

Hi Ryan
Well it is rather difficult to say really as her symptoms are very non specific.

Cats like ourselves do have down days too. Where by we may feel a little under the weather for a day or so.

All you can do is to keep an eye on her over the next few days. Make sure she is eating and rinking and using the litter etc as normal. See if there are nay other symptoms at all. feel her gently all over to see if there are any wounds you may have missed. Sometimes they can be difficult to spot.

If she remains this lethargic for more than a couple of days or if you notice other symptoms, then a trip to your vet may be your best option. But don't worry just yet, she may be just having an off day. My cats have days like this too sometimes.

best wishes kate

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