my cat wont stop crying!

by catherine
(los altos, ca)

my cat cries to come in, when i let him in he just cries. I pet him and he seems good then a few minutes later he is crying again... then will go to the door to go out again. this pattern can go on and on. Or he will come in and just cry at my daughters doors. then go down the hallway and cry in my room but won't come up on the bed and then cries more to go out? He will also cry at all hours of the night to come in. .. then again cry to go out. He is the most confused cat i have ever witnessed!

Does any one have any suggestions???? i am 9 months pregnant and I can't see this continuing with the baby coming. It is too disruptive and frustrating. I feel for him and don't know what it means or what to do! HLEP!

Answer by Kate
Hi, this is a learned behavior and he will do it more and more if he gets attention every thime he does this. unfortunately the only real solution is to ignore his cries, this can be very very difficult but is the only way to teach him that crying does not get rewarded. It is a sort of attention seeking thing and in a human cat realtionship he is taking the role of the baby. Please see my page about exessive meowing for more back ground info.

Best wishes kate

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Cat crying
by: Anonymous

My cat is an indoor/outdoor cat. I haven't wanted to let her out becuase she has been catching and killing a number of baby animals--especially the bunnies as they are at their most vunerable as they have just reached the stage where they are leaving their nests. When I ignore her cries to go out, she has literally sprayed my walls near the door--right when I'm standing there next to her. The other day I came home and she had gotten up on the kitchen counter near the window and sprayed our breadbox and appliances. She is a spayed female! I am not understanding this and cannot let her continue to spray in the house. I've isolated her in the downstairs bathroom and will let her out when she stops crying, but when she goes to the door and cries I put her back in the bathroom. I feel awful about it. I don't know what to do with her? Any suggestions????

Answer by Kate
Sounds to me like there is another ct oputside or near the area and that is why is is crying to get out and this is also why she sprayed in the house as she was unable to get outside to spray and mark her territory.

Why not put a bell around her neck to try and stop her catching animals etc , this has worked for another prolific catcher in my area.

Your cat won't stop crying and wanting to go out if she senses that another cat is on her territory. the spraying to won't stop if she feels anxious about this.

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