my cat wont stop pooing outside the litter box.

by Dianne
(Perth Australia)

i have 5 cats and recently i have constantly found poo's around the house in particular corners... usually in the back room on the carpet and in the laundry on the tiles right next to the litter box!! i always keep their litter box clean i always make sure they have adaquete attention i dont know why they are doing it. firstly i am pretty sure it is one of the female ones because i got her at a later age and i have seen her doing it. i have told her off for it and always put her back in the litter box afterward but she just wont learn. i am getting so frustrated at her she is pushing me away from her and i dont want that i want to love her but everytime i clean the house i turn my back for 5min and she has gone somewhere and i have to reclean it. everytime i come home from work there is another poo or pee on the carpet or in the laundry, i just want some tips on how to keep her from doing it like how to train her or how to keep her away from those areas.. please help me i can tell that she is getting more upset the more i avoid her because she is stressing me out and i dont want it to be like that i do love her.

Answer by kate
you did not make it clear how many litter trays you have. if you have only one then that is inadequate for five cats. Ideally the cats should have a separate one for each of them as often this sort of behavior is caused by the smell of the other cats urine and feces.

I would get at least two more litter trays so you have three. they also should not be placed right next to each other.

For your cat who is pooing every where I also suggest a few days of litter training using the confinement method. This helps build their confidence again.

Please see this page for more on this training

best wishes kate

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