My cat yowls as if in pain and goes limp...

by Mark

Recently my cat, suddenly without warning, will start to repeatedly meow/cry very loudly, and drops to the floor, almost completely limp. After 30 seconds to a minute he will come out of it, and for the most part acts normal. He acts somewhat tired after the event, and will sometimes sit in a corner and stare. He is about 7 years old. His pupils seem okay, and other than that he appears to be healthy.

What could the cause(s) of this be?

Sounds to me like some sort of fit or episode as they call them.

This is a complicated area and not something that can be discussed generally as it can be brought on by all sorts of things and the cat really does need to be examined to find the root cause.

It is important hat your cat is seen by your vet sooner rather than later. These symptoms may be the first indication of something going on and so the sooner it is diagnosed and treated the better the out come.

Hope all is well again soon


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Me too
by: Nicole

My cat did the exact same thing last night. Scared me to death. Today he seems normal

Mine too!
by: Kristy

My cat Wilson has had two of these episodes in the last two months. He meows/yells on the floor while laying their rather limp and not moving. I pick him up, cuddle him and talk to him. He seems dazed a bit but is totally normal after a minute or two. I know something is wrong because while he is friendly, he usually only likes he head petted and doesn't really like to be held. When going through these episodes he lets me hold, cuddle and even kiss him. He nestles his head in my neck. Two minutes later he is fine, laying next to me, walking around, purring etc. very strange.

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