My cat's acting funny, walking weird won't drink water

by Camille
(Baton Rouge, LA)

Hello, my cat Gidget is about a year and a half old. I got her from a local shelter a few months ago. She's had all her shots, been spayed, and over all seems very healthy. There are a couple behaviors that concern me though, and I'm just wondering if these are serious enough to bring her to a vet or if there is a simple explanation. First of all, she walks funny. She stretches her back legs out behind her with every step, fully extends them almost like a ballet-move. I've checked her back paws but haven't found anything in/on them that could be causing this, and I'm assuming she's too young to be arthritic, I don't know if this is just a tic of hers or a symptom of another problem. She doesn't necessarily act like she's uncomfortable or in pain, I've seen her run fast and jump (although not often and not very high). When she does meow it is long and loud, almost like "crying" but they told me at the shelter she was very "vocal" so I've never attributed it to pain. (she is also a Maine coon and having had one growing up I know they can be loud.) Another thing is that she almost never drinks water. I've tried changing it frequently, getting a filter, adding water to her food, everything. I would feed her wet food but the shelter told me she had been on science diet dry food and that I would have to wean her off, which I've also tried but she doesn't seem to like anything else. Idk if these things may be related, (maybe she's dehydrated and it's giving her muscle cramps?) I'm just a little worried...and would appreciate any advice.

You sound very clued up which is great to hear. It is strange that she is not drinking water as usually a cat on dry food only gets thirsty and does want to drink more.

Unfortunately there is no way to know for sure if her walking strangely has anything to do with her not drinking but it could be. You could be right and it could make her feel stiff.

Have you tried offering her cat milk? I give it to my two cats and they love it.

Of course at the end of the day a checkup by a vet would help to put your mind at rest and at best prevent anything from getting worse if there is a problem.

I had a main coon cat myself and they did not walk like this so yes something is up and is worth having checked out i think.

Hope she is OK

best wishes kate

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