my cats acting really weird/??

by lizeth carrillo
(woodland hills)

for a couple of days now.. my cat pancake has been just lying around everywhere!! like on the floor in the bathroom on my pillows etc.. and until today shes like lying on the ground and like putting her butt up in like a weird position and shes like meowing non stop.. i don't know what the hell is wrong with her? is she like in heat or what? because she hasn't had her period yet!!

Answer by KAte
yes it could well be that she is in heat. A cats behavior does change and can seem rather odd.

Please see my page about cats in heat here for more information

If you notice any other signs which may suggest illness instead such as not eating etc then you will need to take her to the vets. However if she is not spayed then it is likely to be her heat.

best wishes Kate

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