my cats are crazy i need help

by nasimafraj
(new york )

my cats are two beutiful maine coon cats and they are driving me and my family crazy! they both are only 8 months now neutered and they steal from us seriously i dont know what to do.

nasim (quite and sneaky) does all the bad work wen we are sleeping just today i found our ice cream cones half eaten wen i woke up. afraj (crazzzyy)actually opens the frigerator and takes what he desires, runs to the bathroom and shares with his brother. i dont know what to do because they do this wen we are asleep and there is always enough food for them in the bowl and water
please help before my parents go crazy we have to consistently watch them lol

Answer by Kate
Hi you will either have to keep the cats in a closed room all night with their bed, toys and litter and water or you will have to fix child locks to your cupboards and frisge door.

this is obviously learned behaviour, they are not being bad. As far as they are concerned they know food is in there and they have just got used to getting it for themselves.

remember cats are natural hunters and their instincts to seek out food etc will always be there regardless of the fact they get fed. ideally they should be able to carry out these natural hunting instincts and there are toys on the market which will help satisfy this need in them, i.e climbing, attacking things, trying to get things out of tubes etc. please see my web page about some of the different toys available. here

Also here is a page about the cats natural instinct to hunt

best wishes Kate

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by: Katie

Hi i am katie your not the only one that has a cccrraazzyy cat. My cats name is Tiger she is a girl. She would rather fall asleep on your back than your bed! Some times she sleeps in the sink. She would drink out of the tub

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