my cat's behavior has changed since birth of first live kitten

by lisa f
(rhode island)

After three stillbirths my cat finally had a kitten live. I am so happy for her, the problem is that she doesn't seem to want to stay with the baby. She is in a room by herself because I have four other cats also. Now she is crying all the time and doesn't seem to want to stay in the room with the kitten. When I go into the room to check on the kitten she will get out of the box and kind of growl softly and go in and out of the box and rub against my legs. I know enough not to touch the kitten just yet but I am worried about the little one, it seems so small and helpless and I just want to make sure it is okay. Should I intervene or just keep my eye on them for now to make sure the baby is suckling okay and growing. Why would she not want to stay with the baby? I have two other cats who had litters and their behavior was much different then hers. Please advise me on what to do.

Answer by Kate
Hi well not all cats are natural mothers and this cat of yours may be one of those, so yes If I were you i would keep your distance but make sure the kitten is feeding etc regularly, if not then you will have to take over as kittens need lots of care during the early days and weeks.

I don't know if you have considered having your cats spayed or not but it is not a good idea to have too many cats under one roof or for cats to have too many litters for their health. Behaviour issues can become a problem.

i hope the little one is ok and that your queen settles down to motherhood soon.

best wishes Kate

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cat's behavior
by: lisaf

Dear Kate,
Thank you for answering my question and just to let you know I have cosidered it but I can't afford it and most of my cat's my daughter brought home and I felt bad and couldn't bring myself to bring them to the pound. The pound in our area is not a non kill shelter and they were all very young when I got them. I am working on getting them fixed soon. I have however found a home for the male cat so there will not be any more litters. Again, thank you for all of your help. God bless.

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