my cats brother just died...

by Austin Stallings
(Charlotte, NC)

We got our 2 cats 17 years ago. They are brother and sister. It was always obvious they were very close, always sleeping together, eating together, lounging together, and even occasionally hunting together. Well a few days ago the male passed away. It was so hard on me, I'm an 18 year old guy so ive had those cats my whole life. But i feel even worse for his sister, who seems to be always looking for him. She constantly sits by the garage door looking out toward the driveway as if he is going to walk up (like he usually did at nights). She still eats but only eats half the can of food (because they would always share one)...She is still sleeping at night but not when i "tuck her in" to the bed they've shared all their lives. I'll put her in it and she'll get right back up and sit looking out toward the driveway, so i know she isn't getting as much sleep as usual. I want to know all the best things to be doing for her in this situation. Obviously i have been giving her much more attention lately, petting and rubbing her more often, and singing to her at nights...but i was wondering what else i can do because i feel so so bad for her. She is the sweetest cat ive ever been around and this breaks my heart for her. Any advice would be much appreciated...

Answer by kate
yes I know this can be very distressing for both you and your other cat. But it is perfectly natural for your vat to grieve for your cat. Just like us they need time to come to realize that the other cat is gone.

I have written a special page just about this issue, it will help you to understand how they grieve and how to take care of them.

here is the page

I am so sorry for your recent loss, I know how it feels.

best wishes kate

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