My cats butt pusses - HELP!

by Jen
(Madison, WI)

As gross as it is my almost three year old cat has always has bad gas, it comes and goes.

Recently he was excessively licking his butt and when he would get up to move his back leg would twitch and then he would roll over and keep licking, after a few moments it stopped.

Because this was so odd I pinned him down to look and see if something was wrong. I noticed a small red spot at the top of his anus and then I noticed that his butt was pussing a little. I watched him for a day or two and then took him to the vet. The vet said his glands were not infected and sometimes they let secretions out. I took him home and it continued over the next couple of days with no changes.

I called the vet again and they did a fecal sample that came back negative for parasites, b/c he wasn't getting better I took him back. They cleaned him out and gave me some cream to put on him. Now after a few weeks I notice that his butt is pussing again but not a lot and not as often.

The red bump has disappeared but I’m worried that something is really wrong with him. He acts normal, he eats and goes to the bathroom as he did before. I was bying meow mix food and recently switched IAMS Healthy Naturals thinking maybe it was a food alergy, both of my cats seem to like it better. Please help, I’m worried about him but don't want
to keep taking him into the vet if theres something I can do at home.

PS: He has always been an indoor cat, he trys to escape to the outside world but I prevent him from being outside.

Answer by Kate
well if he has been throughly checked out for clocked glands and parasites then my only thought is that he may be excessively washing in that area and causing aggravation. This may down to anxiety which in turn could be caused by boredom of being an indoor cat only. Cats need a lot of mental stimulation to keep them happy if they are indoor cats only. See my page here for more on this

The only other option is that he has a slight internal infection but I would have thought that the vet would have picked up on this and prescribed antibiotics.

This is a bit of a poser really as the vet doesn't sound that concerned.

my advice would be to keep an eye on the situation, if it continues then i think i may be inclined to seek another opinion from another vet. the approach can be very different from different vets i have found, some are more proactive than others and if this condition continues then it would need further investigation.

The problem may have been an allergy to his old food and his system will need time to settle down again with this new food, so the condition may ease over the next few weeks.

i hope he is better soon, he certainly is a handsome chap.

best wishes Kate

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