my cats eats alot

by kate pilant
(kingman ks)

We have two kittens a female and a male the female 8-9 months the male 5-6 months we think, we found him in a trash bag on the curb next to a trashcan. We’ve had him for about a week and a half maybe longer. We give them about a cup each in separate bowls. She only eats half of what we give her he eats all of his and when were not looking we catch him eating the rest of hers and after that his stomach get really big but nothing else will we are scared that if we cant control his eating habits his stomach is going to burst and when we try to take the food he hisses. We’ve wormed him dose he have something or was he starved and what can we do to keep him from eating so much.

Answer by Kate
It may take some time to kill off all of the worms if they had them, so give the medicine that you gave a little time to work. Also A kitten who may have had to eat whatever he could find before will naturally want to make sure that he eats any food available. that is natural instinct.

He will learn over time that you will provide food on a regular basis and that he doesn;t have to eat everything in isght.

having said that some cats are just naturally greedy and will eat any available food. this is where as an owner your job is to amke sure he only has access to his food. I suggest you feed them in separate areas and to remove any uneaten food so that he cannot get to it.

Make sure you are following the food guidelines on the can of food you are feeding.

Don't worry i'm sure things will settle down for you after a few more weeks .Please see my pages here on this site about cat food and cat diets etc. It will help you understand the nutritional requirements for cats.

best wishes Kate

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