My cats fight

by Kelllie Grey
(Winston Salem, NC)

Please help me find peace! I have an older (ten years old) spayed female domestic longhair that I adopted when my daughter found her suffering from frostbite and abandoned. She HAS been de-clawed. She is quite shy and easily frightened. Recently (about three weeks ago) I stopped by a Petco on adoption day, and agreed to take a beautiful female, also spayed, Siamese. The Siamese seemed so docile and easy-going, until she spied my original kitty! She has attacked her over and over again until I am full of despair. What I want to know is: Can there be peace between these two? My older kitty is paying the price. I really love both, and hope that someeone can offer a solution. I have three litter boxes, separate feeding stations, and find that the Siamese, though loving and gentle, turns into an aggressive "attack cat" when she spies my older kitty! What worries me, of course, is that my original kitty cannot fight back with her claws. I hope someone can offer me (and my older kitty) a suggestion that will allow me to keep both -- in peace! Thank you!

unfortunately this is a common problem. As you know cats are not by nature pack animals and unless they have been brought up together from an early age and are used to the company of other cats etc, they prefer to have the place to themselves.

You did not mention how you first introduced your cats to each other. There is a process which does take some time and effort but can help to calm things down.

Please read my page here about cat introductions, it will also give you some more information about what you can expect.

Also you may want to try some thing like cat felaway on your Siamese cat to see if this helps to relax her.

here is my page

best wishes kate

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