my cats keep peeing everywhere

by Bianca
(San diego)

i have two orange tabbies about a year old. they are destroying my house ?! i am to attached to give them away! they sleep with me everynight one by my chest and they other one by my feet. i clean their little box daily2x will they hate me if i make them outdoor cats ?? how do i make them STOP?! and my roommate hates it and wont stop complaining i really rather not make them outdoor cats because i have spoiled them soo much! please help me make a good decision

Answer by KAte
Well I am a little short on details here. I don't know how long you have had them and if they are male of female and if they are spayed / neutered or not.
All these things can play a part in this behavior.

if they are new to the house then they will be getting used to their new home and could need a period of litter training see here for details

If they have not been spayed or neutered then this too could be the cause. un neutered cats tend to sparay more and it is very pungent. So having them neutered would help stop this.

Also i don't know how much space they have to wander in your home. cats can get very bored and if there is not enough things to keep them occupied and happy then this too can cause problems. See here for more details on this

as for going outside, well this very much depends on where you are living. My cats have always been indoor out door cats, i live in London but the road i live in is quite quiet and i have gardens for them to play in. So the decision to let them out has to be made by you depending on your circumstances. the cats won't mind they will love to explore the outside world.

best wishes Kate

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