my cats suddenly hate each other

by Jackie Baker
(Charleston, WV)

I have 2 six year old spayed litter mate cats that suddenly a couple of months ago started fighting. I came home from work and the little one (Shiloh) had her ears back, eyes dialated, and growling like a mountain lion. I was actually afraid of her. She and her larger sister (Tigger) were not getting along! Shiloh would chase Tigger down the stairs to the living room, hissing and growling. This lasted a couple of weeks. Now, for the last 6 weeks they are at it again. They have their front claws and I am afraid that they could hurt each other. Shiloh will not come out of the spare bedroom upstairs. She sees Tigger and she starts growling. I did put up baby gates (one on top of the other) but I need to get into that room everyday. I took down the baby gate. I have litter box, food and water both down stairs for Tigger and upstairs for Shiloh. Sometimes Tigger sneaks into the room and I hear eight feet clawing the wooden floor! Shiloh only gets off the bed or out from under the bed when I come into the room. She eats when I am sitting at the computer but looking around for Tigger who is in the hallway wanting to come in. Today I noticed that Shiloh had gone to the potty on the bed (which has her favorite blanket on it). I don't know what to do. They are totally inside cats and I must admit they have not been to the vet. Can you help? I am about ready to take them both to the no-kill shelter.

Thank You.

Hi This sounds to me like something called aggression truama. It is a common problem when something frightens the cats and they blame the fear on the other cat even if it had nothing to do with them.


You need to help the cats find their confidence in each other again in a safe environment. Now this procedure does take a little time and effort but is worth it in the end.

the process is described here

Don't worry about the cats hurting each other, most of what you see and hear is all show and cats don't like to risk serious injury.

best wishes kate

Comments for my cats suddenly hate each other

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Loud noise, now they fear each other
by: BG

Two nights ago I released the vent valve on my pressure cooker. It scared my kitten so badly she took off out of the kitchen, scattering food bowls everywhere and causing my other cat to freak out as well. A few seconds later the kitten runs back into the kitchen, SCREAMING at the top of her lungs with my other cat giving chase. The kitten was absolutely TERRIFIED. I felt AWFUL!!!
Now, they aren't getting along. It took me 2 days to manage getting them together for a few minutes at a time until the kitten suddenly turns. She puffs up and hisses at the other cat. The other cat is VERY cautious of the kitten, stretching and sniffing at her, trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with her. It is the oddest thing! I hope this passes and taking baby steps (keeping them separated with short monitored visits) gets them back to being best friends. I hate that they are scared of each other because of what I caused. NEVER releasing that pressure cooker valve around them again! D:

Just food for thought for sudden odd behaviors with anyone else's cats. Something scary may have happened while you were away. In my case, I'm lucky to know the cause. Now I have to fix the damage. Cats are so fickle!

Cats fighting
by: Anonymous

1 cat is 5 year old and 1 more is 3 both are Male and they are happily buddies from 3 years we got out neighbors cat home and which hissed at both, then they took him back but out both cats are hissing at each other the small 1 is very smal so we are really scared and we miss the way the big 1 being protective about him and now he is only fighting and threatening him. Please please help me to make them get along and yeah I have heard few cats never get along but if they were friends bfr is there stil chances for them to not to get along at all

7yo male and 8yo female cats fighting
by: Bobby

Hello! For about the last month or longer my cats have been trying to kill each other. They were fine for 7 years and all of a sudden they just won't stop fighting. It gets so bad when they are tangled up we can't even get it broken up. We have been keeping them separated but it seems to just be making it worse. Any suggestions?

Has anything changed? Was there a visit to the vets for one of them? Has a new cat arrived in the area? There are so many possible reasons why your cats are reacting like this.

Please look through my site there are many pages which can help.

Thank You
by: Anonymous

Thanks alot this is really helpful, my cats started doing this yesterday so will try your advice and see what happens but at least i understand now why my one hates the other one all of a sudden.

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