my cats very disoriented

by Lex

My cat just yesterday seemed very disoriented and she cant stand up or walk on her own without like rolling and falling down. And it's becomming a problem because she isn't eating or drinking unless we bring it to her and even then she doesn't have much of an appetite. We don't know what to do but she how been our family pet for many years and this as you can imagine is bringing us all to tears to watch her many failed attempts to get up and continue her normal activities on her own :(

Answer by KAte
Lex, you have not said whether or not you have taken her to the vets yet. If you have not then this is the first and most urgent thing you need to do, she may be in pain.

She may have damaged her back or lef, she may have a trapped nerve, there may even be some neurological disorder involved. Any case the only way to find out for sure and to help your cat is to take her for a full check up at the vets.

best wishes Kate

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Flea collar causes neurological damage
by: Carman

I put a new flea collar on my young cat and by the next day he was delerious and couldn't even walk, he kept falling over. I took off the collar and the symptoms went away. I can't believe they can sell something so toxic to animals.

kitty off balance
by: Anonymous

Hello a few years ago I had 2 young boys bring me 4 newly born kittens they found so I called the vet in the town I lived in which was a very small town so she had no room for them so I started bottle feeding and after a couple of was 1 of the kittens woke up and was unable to hold its head up and kept falling over so I called the vet right away and told her exactly what was going on and she told me to give the kitten a few drops of syrup regular syrup u buy from a grocery store and in hours the kitten was back to normal! !! And now my cat had 4 kittens and after 3 weeks she passed away so I'm bottle feeding again and 3 out of the 4 has gotten Ill and syrup did the job..

feral cat seems disoriented...
by: Michele

Angel, a 1 1/2 old cat, had been missing for a day or two. I came home early from work today and walked around my house, near the woods, and kept calling out for her. She finally came out. I thought she hurt her legs but upon closer examination she seems disoriented. She was hungry and thirsty. But she is acting weird. I made her comfortable in my lanai*screen porch( and now will wait until tomorrow. Besides take her to the Vet Monday...any ideas? She's been spayed, got her rabies shot etc...fed very well. I'm just really worried.
There are a lot of raccoons in my area/backyard..I back up to woods....Help? I can't afford much at the vet......

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