my cats wont stop fighting

by Anouska fisher
(cippenham,slough berkshire)

nonnyboy my male cat

nonnyboy my male cat

please help,i have a 3year old male cat called nonnyboy and a 6 month old female kitten called minnie mouse,and i just cant stop them from fighting,they dont hiss or spit at eachother,and dont get me wrong sometimes they can be so loving to one another,my kitten minnie will run up to mycat nonnyboy and lay there and put her head down in front of him,then he will lick her and groom her,but with in 2 minutes all hell breaks loose,and i get so worried in case one of them gets hurt,this is the first time ive had two cats together and just need some advice and reassurance,should i keep them away from eachother in different rooms or let them get on with it ,i really would appreciate any advice or tips you could give me, oh and while in here ,my 6month old kitten wont eat any cat food only normal tuna or sardines,do i need to be worried, many thanks and i wish you well in the work you do :~) Anouska

Answer by Kate
Hi sounds to me not like fighting but playing.

Cat fights are normally accompanied by growling hissing and waling. if this is not happening then it is more than likely play. believe me cat play can look pretty viscous to us but its all just play bites etc. I have two 8 month cats and they play like this all day, there are never any wounds at all.

As long as there are no wounds i really would not worry, it is all part of the learning process.

as for the food issue, it is not advisable to feed a cat normal tuna etc from a can it does not contain all the nutrients they need and can harm there health in the long run. please see my web page for more information on this

cats like their food to be smelly so make sure that any food given is not straight from the fridge as this will not smell enough to entice them. my web pages about cat food should be able to help you with your cats food issue.

best wishes Kate

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