My Charlie

by Sandra Littlefield
(Columbia, SC)

Charlie was a feral cat that showed up at my house one hot summer day. He was very scared and skinny.

I started to feed him and in about 2 months he started to let me pet him. I finally got him to a vet only to be told he was FeLv positive. I was devastated. For you see, I was all ready in love.

He was 6 months old and only 2 lbs. I got him the proper care from the vet and Charlie is now 11 lbs and 2 years old. He is a jet black kitty with 8 white hairs on his chest. His fur looks like velvet. He is beautiful He has turned into one of the sweetest cats I have ever had. Very happy too.

You call his name and he starts to purr and he talks all the time. Very vocal. My vet says with the proper care he will live a long and healthy life. So far he is doing just fine. He is really a daddy's boy too. My husband is crazy about him. And he gets along very well with my other cats too. 5 in all. One very happy family..........

by: Sandra

I have one other cat who is Charlie's age and they LOVE each other. always playing and sleeping together. Vaccinations for FeLv is a MUST!!!ALL OF THE KIDS HAVE THEIR SHOTS. At the last vet visit we had Annie (Charlie's buddy) checked and she was found FeLv FREE!! I don't let them eat after Charlie and I limit the grooming they like to do to each other. So far everyone is fine!!
by: Mary In NC USA

I read your touching story about Charlie and bless your heart for taking care of this lucky cat.
Without you intervening into his life, he surely would have not made it this far.
Your vet is correct, FELv cats can live long happy lives with proper vet care and living INDOORS is a MUST.

I do have a question for you:
What did your Vet suggest about Charlie mingling with your other cats?
I'd be interested in knowing his suggestion and comparing that info to advice I have gotten in the past regarding other FELv cats.
I wish you and your Charlie a GREAT future.


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