My childs Calico cat is sick..Help

by Faith Herrera
(Baltimore, Md USA)

ok, So last April we put down my childs cat of 13 years.

Then a baby Calico falls our way we bring her home for my child and the bond is instant. She is female, the difference is she is short and her belly is very distended, she purrs all the time, wines all the time and needs to be comfoted often.

Whlie we love doing this, now we notce her spending up to 15 min at a time in the litter box and coming out doing nothing. We have indeed found small amounts of blood in the tub where she sits, but are not sure where the blood is coming from.

I just heard that Caloco's are high in genetic issues. What could be wrong with my childs cat? I don't think she could handle another loss.

All animals (3) are up to date on all shots. The cats are inside cats.

Note my son's cat is the same age but is a russian blue and has no issues, they eat the same food, she is long and skinny, whle our calico just keeps growing in the tummy area (he looks over feed but indeed is not.

Thank you,

Sherbert Baby's grandma :0)

Answer by KAte
Hi I don't like the sound of the blood in the litter tray. It could be that she is badly constipated

To be honest I would take her to the vets as soon as you can. If she is impacted then she may need help from a vet. It would also be worth having her checked over for any other underlining condition, this will help put your mind at rest and hoping prevent your child from further loss.

best wishes kate

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by: Faith

Took Sherbert to vet.

She does indeed have FLUTD. The vet pushed on her belly and she squirted blood all over his coat...YIKES.

He was gentle though. He gave her a STRONG abx by shot, and sent her home on Clavamox. If not better in 10 to 14 days, he has one last ABX in his arrsinal for her. This could still kill her, she may not recover and if she does she has a HIGH chance of getting it over and over (per her blood work and what It showed)..then it's do I keep her in pain or let her go home with God. I'd rather God take her quietlt in the night, then me having to "watch the poision be admisitered".

She may also not respond to the current treatment and pass away on her own at home. I have prepared Jessie, now I'll tell Tony after school.

He also changed her food to Purina URO, it's something I can only get at the vet office.

That's all I know, Sherbert was suppost to be here for the next 13 years of Jessies life, as Sunshine was for the first 13. I told Jessie God only loans them to us for a short time to love and be loved by, then he needs them back with him and That we need to be glad we have had 2 years with her and if we get another month or year, we need to be thankfull for that time and cherish it. She understands but it still hurts. She is beyond attached.

I love my animals, but I hate to see my kids cry over this.

I'll be doing more praying...

Thank you Katie for your help..I just thought the wrong area clogged.

Reply from Kate
Hi thank you for letting me know the outcome and I am so sorry for the hurt your family are going through. I too had a cat who suffered badly from urinary infections for the first part of her life. We switched to dry complete food designed for urinary tract health 9there are several out there) and this dry food alone made my cat drink water with her meals and throughout the day. this cured her of the problem completely and we had her for 17 years. So don't give up hope, once this current bout of it is under control, it can be managed and you may yet have many years of life with your cat. i will also prey for that too.

God bless


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