My constant vomiting cat!! :[

by Bailey
(Las Vegas, NV)

Every single day or every other day my cat vomits. Is that normal? He eats a lot of hard cat food and soft food once or twice a day. Is he eating too much? My mother says she sees pieces of plastic in his vomit even though i don't. He is only 7 years old. Is there something wrong with him?

Answer by KAte
No this is not normal.

I would recommend feeding him smaller meals about 4 or 5 times a day and don't leave any food down for him to nibble on.

It sounds like he is just one of those greedy cats who will eat if food is available all the time. A cats stomach is not that big and if he is eating too much it will make him sick and this is not good at all as acid build up could cause ulcers etc.

It will take him a little while to get use to the new routine but he will get used to eating smaller amounts. Once he has settle down say a month or so later you could try giving him normal size portions two or three times a day if that is more convenient.

best wishes Kate

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