My daughters cat follows her everywhere

by Kim

So 3 years ago my daughter see this kitten at the SPCA and we end up getting him for her. (By the way he purred to her from inside the cage and she hadn't even gotten close enough to touched him yet. When we left he cried out to her.)Since we got him home he has slepted in her bed every night! He sits on the back of her chair as she does her homework, he lays in the bed, on the floor or the couch next to her or on her lap when she watches TV. He has even climbed into the shower with her.Yep he sat in the tub the entire time! He is a very smart cat. He knocks on the door to go into her room, he scratches in the water/food dishes if they are empty, he plays fetch with his mouse oh and he sleeps on his back under the covers next to her. I know he LOVES her but is this a strange behavior for a cat?

Answer from KAte
Wow I have heard of cats being very attached some owners but this is amazing.

yes I would say that it is unusual but noting to worry about. All cats are different in their personality and this one is just very affectionate etc.

their is one possible issue you may have here. Their may be times that your daughter is not around on holiday etc and your cat may experience separation anxiety. I have some more information about this here

best wishes Kate

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