my dear little mitzy

by steph
(gwynedd wales)

hi i am worried about my cat, i will be ringing on monday for an appointment i think, but wondered if you could think of anything wrong with him.

He is a large tabby healthy indoor and good coat, he is usually very playful, but about a week ago he escaped, he was out for about 12 hours. we have recently moved here about a month or so ago so was terrified he wouldnt come back or get lost, but eventually he came back when it was quiet.

the mountain he ran up is thick with trees and gorse and all sorts of stuff.

when he came in he was terrified, and starving, he ate and then slept for nearly 24 hours. but since he is not back to himself, he licking himself alot and a few time he has eaten biscuit and regurgitated a few times immediately after eating....he keeps down meant but isnt really interested in food.

he is sleeping a lot and i dont know whats up with him. i de flea'd him incase he caught fleas off the mountain. and i will worm he when we go to the vets incase he has worms. he isnt vaccinated as he has been an indoor cat.

he is 5 and like i said usually good spirits.

i did wonder if he is depressed cos he wants to go out maybe? if this is the case i will start letting him out, i just dont want to lose him :(

also i wondered if it had something to do with next doors cat, she hangs around alot and is pregnant, he loves to call to her, and yes he has been done.

he has generally been well, he was very poorly as a kitten had cat chlamydia or something, i rescued him from the back of a pub so he is a ferral kitten originally.

any advice?

Answer by Kate
Umm this is a tricky one to answer as his symptoms are not that specific and don't really suggest any one cause.

yes he may be depressed, yes he may still be scared from his time outside but equally he may have picked up something or eaten something which has upset his system.

you are doing the right thing by taking him in to see the vet. At least that way you can know for sure if he is sick or whether his behavior is purely emotional and so something which should improve given a little time and lots of TLC.

i hope he is back to his old self soon

best wishes Kate

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