My dear sweet Cat Jeffy

by Laurie

My cat was missing for two days when I found him he was blind and had green discharge coming from his nose. His blood work was unremarkable, he was started on two antibiotics, then he started having seizures and would circle the vets cage and butt his head against the cage. The vet used Valium and Phenobarb(1), this seemed to dull him, but she said it shouldn't have?? Anyway, because he hadn't had a Rabies shot, and was having daily seizures to the point he fell down unconscious, she said I should put him down, she convinced me he wouldn't get better, now I'm wishing I had just took him home and maybe he would have come out of it. What do you think? I'm feeling very guilt stricken.

Thank you


Hi Lauren i am so sorry for your loss , I know how hard it can be.

Unfortunately we can only be guided by people that we feel are in a better position than ourselves to make the right decision. A vet should only give you advice she feels is right for the situation and so she must have felt that your cats condition was severe enough not warrant euthanasia.

I do not have all the fact s at my fingertips as to what tests were done etc and all the circumstances involved. But as I say any good vet should advise you in the best course of action for your cat. And so you have nothing to feel guilty about at all. You did the right thing for your cat, he was sick so you took him somewhere which could help him. Treatment was tried etc and then when all else failed you helped him cross over in the least stressful way possible. What more could you have done.
Just imagine how bad you would have felt if you had brought him home and he was suffering and passed away any way. Remember he had lost his sight and was obviously confused and more than likely distressed, you would not have wanted to have prolonged his suffering.
Laurie, I know how you feel, i have been there myself, it is horrible and guilt is a very common emotion to be going through right now. It is all part of the normal natural process of grieving.

There are no words i can say to try and help you right now, you will just have to know that you did everything you could for your cat and that is all any of can.

I do have some pages on my site which some other cat owners in a similar position have found helpful. You may too or you may not we are all different but here is the page anyway.

best wishes kate

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