My Disappearing Cat

by J.M. Blanchard
(Cockeysville, MD USA)

I just adopted a cat from my downstairs neighbor. I have two other cats and in the commotion of the adjustment process he went MIA. At first I figured he’s hiding some where then I searched my entire apartment, and realized my other cat was no where to be found then I noticed I left the door to the deck open. Being on the third floor I figured a cat wouldn’t jump down. I waited all night and no sign or even a peep from him and he’s usually noisy when he’s awake. My other cat spawned from no where at some point but he’s still missing it’s been 24 hours and now I’m getting worried. So is it possible for a cat to jump 2 and a half stories without damage and if so how far do cats generally roam away from home?

Answer by Kate
hi well cats are very nible it depends if there are any useful window ledges etc to use. I have even seen a video of a cat climbing up a wall, a really high wall, they must have been using the crackes between the bricks. So who knows i suppose it is possible. I assume you have walked around outside to see if you can find him anywhere, if he did fall and hurt themsleves they can sometimes dart off and hide.
Cats can wander quite far from home when they are doing there first reccy of an area, they say anything up to a mile in some cases.
Make sure you keep calling him reguallry during the day so that if he can hear you he will be able to get back.
24 hours is no time at all, i wouldn't worry too much at the moment, if he is not back in a day or so perhaps you should start putting posters up in the local area in case someone has seen him somewhere.

Hopefully your cat is just out there enjoying being a cat and exploring the area and will return once he is satisfied.
Best wishes

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Cats can jump 2.5 stories!
by: J.M. Blanchard

Well after doing some searching around the neighborhood and checking around my apartment for some easy drop down points off the roof, I still couldn’t figure out how he could’ve gotten down, I figured I’d get proactive. I went back home made some flyers, then I went back down and channeled my inner cat. I thought if I was an indoor cat that just escaped where would I go. So with that in mind I found the target area and posted my flyers on all the buildings around that area. About 30 minutes after doing this I got a phone call, Maddie did get down and ran into the apartment complex behind mine where he was warmly welcomed and treated like a king. When I went over to pick him up he was waiting by the door for me and when I opened the door he climbed right in his carrier. Now he’s back home, and banned from the deck, but he’s relaxing and playing with the other cats.

Thank you for your help.

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