My female cat pees on our clothes.

by Kate

Hi, My name is Kate also!

Anyway, we have two cats, our long haired female kitty, pees on our clothes if left down. Granted, we clean up, but for some reason she always manages to find some or will simply pee in the basket. She will go in the litter box, mind you, so this is only a once in a while thing, still irksome as it makes our house stink! She is a little over a year old, spayed, and otherwise affectionate.
We have moved litter boxes and changed the style entirely , and like I said,. she WILL go in the litter box. If there's no way to stop her from peeing in the house/on clothes, is there an easier way to get the smell out and to help maintain the sanitation in the house and the carpets? Some times the pee will soak through and then the whole house reeks.

Answer by Kate
because she is also using the litter box this problem is more about security and anxiety. Often cats will pee on clothes because they are the one thing that really smells of you and this is comforting to a cat and they often want to add their scent to this too. It helps them to feel secure and is also a way of marking the territory.

Unfortunately as it seems to be happening on and off it is more
difficult to manage as the normal procedure is to give your cat some out time using the confinement litter training method which is designed to help relax your cat and give them less to be concerned about. the procedure is described here and may be used several times when the issue arises. It is not a punishment but a way to help the cat.

It is also important that the home environment is made as secure and stimulating for the cat so that any anxieties do not arise in the first place. try to keep to regular routines ie feeding times and game times etc. Also make sure you give your cat new toys and things to explore around the home from time to time. they can get bored with their old toys so put those away, give them something new and then rotate the toys on a regular basis.

as for the smell of the urine, well their are special sprays to get rid of the smell but i have always found Bicarbonate of soda to be one of the best things for removing smells. Please se this page for more on this

Don't worry you are not alone in this problem it is very common and just one that as cat owners we have to accept and try and help the cat through. It is a natural response and not a naughty act.

best wishes KAae

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