My grieving cat seems to have digestive problems and pain


I hope you can help. My 18 year old diabetic cat Sophie just lost her 17 year old daughter Banjo on Christmas Eve. They were together for all those years. A week before Banjo died, Sophie was constipated for several days and needed emergency enemas to release all the backed up stool. Since then, no problem with her bowels, but she now cries gutteral cries after she eats or drinks as if she is in pain. She is eating more than usual. Her blood glucose levels are fine and she is well regulated on her insulin. Some of her other behaviour has changed but seemingly only as far as the locations in the house where she hangs out. Not the same places as when Banjo was here.

The Vet has examined Sophie and has done blood tests. The tests show "inflammation" which led the vet to think that there was a problem in her gut and prescribed Flagile which Sophie is taking transdermally in her ear as a cream because she won't let me give her the liquid by mouth.
It doesn't seem to be helping. It breaks my heart to hear her cry so much and I'm wondering if she is also grieving. How can I tell the difference between grief and physical pain?
The fact that she only seems to cry out after ingesting food or water suggests to me that it is more than grief.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Answer by Kate
Oh dear this does
sound awful. the problem is it will be difficult to tell if the crying is caused by pain or grief.

In my opinion her behaviour is probably due to a little of both. She is a very old cat now and if she cries after eating or drinking then that would suggest that it may be causing her some discomfort. However the difference in her behaviour around the home to wear she hangs old could be due to the fact that she is still wondering where the other cat is. this is normal and will subside over time. However it could also be due to a little dementia too. Old cats do suffer just like us humans with confusion etc in old age and the pacing around and crying is often a symptom of this too.

So as you can see it is practically impossible to tell exactly what is casing each of her symptoms. You are doing the best thing though with taking her to the vets. it is important to make sure that she is not in any physical pain. If she still cries after eating every time after giving the treatment for a few days, i would ask the vet if she could be in pain and if there is anything he may be able to give her to help with that.

i am so sorry to hear of your recent loss at Christmas and for you worries concerning Sophie. I do hope things get better soon for you both.

best wishes Kate

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Thank you for your answer Kate!
by: MGG

Hi Kate,
I just read your answer to my questions about Sophie. I never got any notification that it was answered and didn't know how to find your answer.
Googling a question online led me to your site again. Thank you very much!

Answer by Kate
Hi You should have received a confirmation email once the question was answered. Sometimes if the email address is slightly wrong then the auto responder cannot send, maybe that is what happened. Sorry about that.
Anyway I'm glad you managed to find your answer.
best wishes Kate

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