my grooming cat

by sarah

Hi, i have just recently got a female long haired cat of about 18 months old.i have add her now for 4 days,but all she seems to do is lick and bite herself virtualy all day long,if she is not doing that she is sleeping and soon as she wakes up she's back to her grooming again.She also doesnt seem to be very playful as well and when i go near her she will make a hissing noise and try to bite me then soon as she as done that she will try to get on my lap(she is a indoor cat).she seems to be eating but not alot she will go back to her food a few times before she as eating it all(she ony as 1 pouch each meal)but i have not yet seen her have any fluids yet i am much for a playful cat we was hopeing for.


Answer by Kate
Hi well four days is not long at all and so it is very likely the cat is feeling a little anxious about their new home and the people around him.

If he does not have flea s which are causing the itching it could be down to anxiety. Over grooming is often a sign of this.

So check to see if he is flea free

And if he is ok you need to give him some things to try and distract him from his anxiety. New toys to stimulate him etc.

Also his behavior towards you is also probably to do with him feeling unsure of his new home. Take a look at this page regarding bonding with a cat for some ideas on how to get him to feel confident with you.

If the biting and licking of his fur continues for over a week then i would suggest that you take him to see a vet to have him checked for possible allergies etc. If he continues to over groom he will eventually cause fur loss and sores to develop.

best wishes Kate

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