My happy 12 yer old female is now soiling every morning pee and poo why?

by Sarah Bennett
(London UK)

HI for the past two weeks my 12 year old cat has been soiling in front of my front door on the mat. I've taken her to the vets and she is not sure what is wrong. She has given her some antibiotics in case of infection and has told me to taken her back if it gets no better for a blood test. I've got her some calming tablets and spray and cleaned the mat again with a steam cleaner and special cleaner, and for the day it seemed to work. But just now she urinated in the corner of the living room. It's really getting me down and my mother thinks it might be a kidney problem. Please Help. We read your answer on middening and tried all that but it's not worked.

Answer by KAte
well as my article about Middening says, this sort of issue is down to one of two things. A physical illness, like a urinary infection in the case of inappropriate urination or a behavioral issue down to stress or anxiety about something.

You say you tried the methods on my page, so I am assuming you have tried the confinement method with her. Sometimes this process does need several gos at it to help the cat, so it may be worth trying this again for three days or so. See if the problem happens in the room or not. If not then it could be that something either in the home or outside it is upsetting your cat. Perhaps the presence of a new cat in the area.

Also with the mat and the other areas that she has urinated on try using bicarbonate of soda on the remove any lingering smells from the mat. Leave it on for a hour or so before hovering it up.

If all else fails then yes do follow up with the vet in case there is a physical reason for her behavior.

Hope you can find the cause soon as it can't be nice for either yourselves or the cat.

best wishes Kate

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