My indoor/outdoor cat

hello, i have an indoor/outdoor male cat where i got to know and raised in my grandmothers' house and in the area where she lives. my problem is with that in the society where i live, people i hate to say this but are ignorant and not sympathetic towards pets or animals. i suffered a lot some people shoot him and scold him and yell at me because i love him . i love him so much he is heartbreakening because he always shows me affectionate love, my problem is i tried once taking him to my own house in order to rest from this issue and resolve it, but he started screaming and shouting and yelling and crying so i returned him back to his territory, but now im struggling my grandma and all my relatives dont like him and when they come they tell me to throw him out, i cry and yell and tell them if i could id take him to my own place, can i in any any possible way bring him to live with me first time i tried but i failed.

Answer by kate
Hi well unfortunately there is no definate answer to this. some cats can adapt to living inside only others can't. It soulds like this cat you talk about is probably not neutered/spayed and this will also make them want to be out side. So if you are serious about trying to look after him you should take hime to the vet to have this done and also vaccinated. After a while they may calm down enough to become calmer and more inclined to want to stay inside.

However it does sound like you have a bit of a battle on your hands with your family and neighbours. It may better that you try to make the cats life as comfortable as possible outside, by providing a warm safe place to sleep and provide food etc for him.

best wishes kate

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by: Lara

hello Thankyou,Anonymous, for sharing your views with me and commenting on this letter, as you said i will work and try my best to protect him and all cats and animals in my neighborhood because as i said some ignorant people drive like crazy not giving any attention to cats crossing streets well usually i yell at them. ok im not an angel because im attacking those people all the time, but i cant just ignore and let them abuse animals this way, i will as you said try contacting a rescue group (that's if i found one in this society,i live in an arab country by the way, and no offense to anyone theyre not the right people in caring and having sympathy for pets or animals though im an arab too. anyway if anything happens i would like to inform you if you dont mind,thankyou again

In door / outdoor cat
by: Anonymous

I feel so badly for this poor kitty.
You didnt say where you live (UK or USA) but for your info.....shooting at or abusing animals is illegal and punsihable by law and quite severely I might say.

bless your heart.....your heart is in the right place but you cannot be there to protect this poor kitty 24 hours a day unfortunatly unless he is in the house all the time under your care.

If this is not possible, it would be to this cats advantage to call a rescue group and have them take him and have him or her fixed and then adopt him out to a loving home or possible to a farm who needs some good barn cats.

This would take him out of the danger zone where he is suffering by the hands of abusers.
If you need help locating a good group to help you then ask Kate to contact me (if your in the USA) and I will find someone to assist you and this kitty.Thank God that kitty has you on its side.
Good luck

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