my kitten does not purr

by Ms Jean Rich

My 7 month old kitten does not purr. He very rarely meows and when he does it is very faint. He licks me all the time and I know that is a sign of affection but he also bites. can you give me any advice

thank You

Answer by Kate
well I am not sure what the actual problem is here. if you are concerned that he does not purr because of a medical problem then you will have to see the vet to get his throat checked out etc.

However not all cats are very vocal and some are more purry than others. I have had one cat that purred loudly nearly all the time whereas little mo now only purrs occasionally and very quietly.

As for the biting, you must try and break this behavior now when he is young as it can become a problem as they get older. He doesn't realise that biting is bad, so you will have to make it a negative experience for him when he does it, so when he bites you have to be silent and walk away immediately and leave the room. Do this every single time and he will see this as a negative response to his biting. Also when he does not bite give him lots of attention ie lots of positive response. He will eventually learn what gets the best response from you. I have a page about cat discipline which explains this process in more detail here

Best wishes Kate

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