my kitten hs a swollen behind

My mothers cat had a litter of 2 kittens about 9 weeks ago. The one kitten is fine, but the other one has a swollen bum and vagina. She seems to be healthy and is just as active and alert as the other kitten. She has no trouble playing or eating, but she's having diarrhea and it's hard for her to get it out. It seems like she can't push it out and it just runs out whenever, all over the house. It' made her whole backside become covered in poop and has caused her vagina to swell as well. We've been trying to clean her with ivory soap and put some aloe cream on it, and wipe it with baby wipes throughout the day but it's not getting any better. We've changed the kind of cat litter we use and the food we give them. We've even tried giving her wet food instead of dry food, still nothing. I'm not sure what else to do and I'm scared that something is seriously wrong. We can't afford to take her to the vet. Is there anything that you would reccomend?

I really appreciate it. Thank you so much :)

Answer by KAte
unfortunately owning a cat does come with responsibilities and one of those is being able to afford to pay for care when they need it.

yes there are some injuries and illness you can treat at home but once infection sets in then the vet is your only answer.

With normal diarrhea there are things you can do see my page here

but in this case there may be a birth defect which has caused this swelling etc. perhaps her bowel is not formed properly. In any case a vet should really take a look so that you can treat her properly.

I hope she is better soon

bet wishes Kate

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