My kitten is 8 months old and has stopped eating today.

by Samantha
(Wilton, CT)

My kitten didn't eat her dinner or her breakfast this morning. Her and my other cat are still very playful at night and in the morning but i'm just wondering why she is not eating her wet food when i feed her. do you think it has something to do with the other cat? they both have separate food bowls and separate water bowls. do you think it's because i just got my other cat a new bowl thats the same as my kitten (we have had our calico for about a month and a half now and she has been using our kittens old food dishes so we got her the same one our kitten has now). do you think i should call the vet? i'm so worried because she is my baby! please help. THANKS!

No don't worry just yet. it is not unusual for cats to not to eat now and again.

i have a two cats, one which eats everything in sight and the other who goes through periods where he simply seems not interested in food at all. it normally only lasts for a couple of meals.

It may be that your cat is feeling a little anxious about the other cat.

You could try feeding them separately to see if your cat is able to relax enough to eat her food without the other cat around. Sometimes this is the problem.

If the not eating goes on for a couple of days or if you notice other signs of ill health such as lethargy or toilet problems then yes a trip to your vet may be a good idea. but at the moment i wouldn't worry. Give it a few more days.

best wishes kate

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by: Anonymous

Hi, this has happened to both my cats as well. They didn't eat their breakfast. They don't look hungry. They are also 8months old. Can you tell me what happened to your cat?

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