My kitten keeps biting ankles

Hi since my kitten was fixed he has taken to biting everyones ankles he was fixed a month ago he is now 10 months old. Can you please tell me why he does this?

I don't think it is connected with him being fixed. It sounds to me that he simply sees ankles as a great target for a game.

Cats do need to be taught from an early age that hands and feet etc are not for playing with. that why only toys should be used with them as play.

you will need to provide your cat with some new toys to distract the attention away from your ankles and also you will need to employ the cat discipline method described on this page. it is a slow process but teaches the cat in a language that he will understand that biting ankles is no fun.

best wishes kate

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biting ankles and head butting
by: Kitty

Hi, We adopted a tiny,Greek ill, stray kitten( he adopted us )Now he is 3 and a half years old and 8 and a half kilos,vet says big, cat not fat. He is not very loving...sometimes on his terms but likes to be near us, we have regular grooming and play times, but he makes as if he is walking past us and our guests then he pounces biting legs,ankles sometimes he sneaks up and bites our arms, then takes off like an excercet missile, he has now taken to sneaking into the bedroom and headbutting my husband in the back or whacking him with his paws. we think he is playing or wanting attention, but it not nice for our guests, they are always wary.....can you train a cat at his age, he was neutered at the correct age. Or is the problem because his mother had been ferral.

Ankle biters
by: Kevin Johnson

Does he jump on your calf, dig his claws in then jump off like a missile into the air? If not consider yourself fortunate (ow) :D

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