my kitten keeps meowing

by Amanda
(North Carolina, USA)

I just adopted my little kitty Eva yesterday from the animal shelter. They told me she is 6 months old, was spayed about 5 days ago. I am a little worried about her though b/c she will not stop meowing. The only way to stop this is by petting her and holding her (which I love to do!) but unfortunately cannot do 24/7. She cried all night long off and on, I have read online that she is probably not used to my apartment or even me yet. I have tried to make her comfortable: some toys, food, I kept the blanket she slept on at the shelter so she would feel familiar with something. I really do no think she is sick, she does not have any symptoms of illness (eating fine, using the litter box, etc.) Still, I am worried that I am doing something wrong..I do not want her to cry, so I do not want to leave her. I am taking her to the vet this week for a checkup and I will ask about this as well, but until then, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Answer by Kate
Hi, your kitten is not crying. She is trying to get your attention this is normal behavior. the problme is if you arespond to her meowing now she will always do it, which will mean years of having a cat get you up at night all the time. Please see my page about cat meowing under the cat behvaior tab on the navigation bar, it will help you understand why she is doing it and what you can do.
best wishes

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Backdoor Separates Mom and Kitten
by: Anonymous

I've been feeding a semi feral cat for about 3 years . She lives and sleeps on my back porch. This is her territory and she protects it vigorously. She will eat from my hand but won't let me touch her. She had kittens. One survived. I was able to feed the kitten by hand and pet it a bit as she fed. I decided to semi domesticate her. I took her into the house. I can hold her, pet her, even get her to do the deep purring as I stroke the back of her neck and behind her ears. However she will only lay in front of the back door and cries quite a bit for mom. Mom lays right on the other side of the closed door and frequently calls/purrs to the kitten. I do not want to make the kitten a house cat. I want her to come and go as she pleases so I will eventually let her roam outside but I fear she will never develop that independence if she doesn't escape Mom's influence. I don't want to chase Mom off and Mom will not come into the house. Any suggestions?

my 5 newborn kittens constantly meowing day/night
by: johnna

these 5 cats are always together, they were thrown into the trashcan by the old owner, every time when one cat cries all follows what should i do? i always feed them and make sure they urinate afterwards.. do they need the cuddleness or are they just finding/ seeking attention since they might know i'm there new mom.. thanks for the advise.. what should i do about the cuddling? put hem into my lap? thanks

Yes the crying is for attention and for feeding. I have lots of pages on this site about how best to look after kittens of all ages. I think you will find them of great help. Look under the Kitten Care heading on the navigation bar.

my kitten
by: Gemma

hi my names gemma i just got a kitten from a girl off the internet and the kitten was goin to be drowned and the girl could not keep him he is 6 weeks on monday he is eating fine but wont drink wateronly cats milk the kitten crys and crys i dont no why could i be doing something wrong he is healthy and i will be going to the vet soon with him as they are all booked out i really really need help he is all black and a male.
he was very aggresive when we first got him but he is not any more could any one PLEASE PLEASE help me theanks

Dont worry kittens do cry a lot sometimes especially if they are very young. He may be so young that he is not weaned yet and so he will only want to drink cats milk.

Just keep doing what you are and take him to see a vet as soon as you can to have him checked over

best wishes kate

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