My kitten keeps stepping on his poop.

by Susan
(Dallas, Texas)



My 6-month-old kitten keeps stepping on his poop while he's burying it. Sometimes I see him doing it, and I can't figure out if it's because his litter box is too small, or maybe he's still learning. He'll start to bury it, then he turns around the other way to bury from the other side, and that's when one of his back feet accidentally steps in it. I don't think he realizes when it happens, because it doesn't seem to bother him. I can easily change to a larger litter box, but I absolutely love using this automatic (self cleaning) box, that seems to only come in a certain size. So I'm hoping it's the latter- that he'll eventually learn to be neater? I hear that all breeds are different, and that some actually don't learn. Is that true? (Mine is a tuxedo-style tabby). Thanks!!

Answer by Kate
I don't think it has anything to do with his breed but is more to do with his age.

I think he is just learning how to do this properly and yes he will get better over time. Cats are also very clean animals and so as he gets older if he does accidentally step in his poo he will clean himself up.

My two are very fastidious about keeping clean and yes at first when they were very young they too had some mishaps, but they are absolutely fine now. I wouldn't worry, I suspect this is just a short lived problem.

best wishes Kate

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Kitty rolls in his poop
by: Anonymous

I have no idea why my kitty while in the liter box, I wash him after he goes in his box, I just thought of rubbing him with aloe vera and leaving shampoo on his tail and feet, he is acting alot better, he stopped rolling in his liter box and stopped peeing everywhere but I was wonderring if it is ok to leave shampoo on him.

no it is not ok to leave shampoo on him. he will ingest it and make him sick. it will also not do hi fur or skin any good either.

Stepped on poop
by: Masy

My cat never stepped on her pee before, she was very clean but now she stepped on her pee and I have to clean it every time which is really annoying and frustrating. She is ten months old, I don't know what to do

My Cat steps in his poop too!
by: Cathy

My kitten steps in his poop and it's making me crazy as well! I've been watching him (he's 6 months old)and he isn't using his litter properly. He digs a hole, then he poops on the mound behind him and not in the hole he dug, so the poop pushes right up against him and gets all in his fur! Then he doesn't burry it, he steps in it and then freaks out and shakes the poop all over! So, now I have a cat with poop on his butt, all in his tail, stuck in his feet and all over my laundry room! How do I teach him to poop in the hole he dug?!?! Seems too late now! Luckily he lets me bathe him but I'm worried he will track poop all over my house one day while I'm at work. Luckily he's been pooping in the evenings lately. Help! Should I toilet train him???

my 14wk old treads in his poop too
by: jay

He doesn't seem to notice he steps in it, I too have had to wash n shampoo his paw as his poop is runny at the moment, he is getting antibiotics for it but I wondered if its him stressed or just inexperienced at navigating in the litter tray while trying to cover..noo

Stepping in poo
by: Bethany

My 7 week old kitten is driving me crazy! Every time he poos, he steps in it while trying to bury it. He is very meticulous about completely covering his poo or pee. When he steps in it, it is repeatedly, and makes such a bad mess I have to keep cleaning his paws. It is so bad a wet towel wont work, I have to use running water and cat shampoo. This is stressful for both of us:( I am assuming this will get better with age, but is there anything I can do to help? Sometimes I will wait while he poos, and move him so he can't step in it, but this seems to bother him as he NEEDS to cover it. Any ideas would be very helpful!

yes he is still learning and should grow out of it as he gets better at covering it.

I don't think there is much you can do in the mean time.



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