my kitten tries to suckle on brothers nipples

I have four 7 week old kittens. One of them (the smallest one) keeps trying to nurse on the genitals of the other three, and they allow her to do so. What can I do to stop this behavior before the small one causes irreparable damage to the others? Thanks in advance!

this is a common issue with some kittens and the only things you can do is to keep her separate from the other kittens most of the time or at least when they are not being supervised by yourself.

& weeks is still very young and so I am assuming they are still with their mother and nursing.

This little gut sounds like the runt of the litter and so may need extra care and will probably be the last one to wean too. h e just needs a little more supervision until he is a little older.

Your right he can make the other kittens sore from his suckling and so yes it is a good idea to prevent this from happening, unfortunately the only way to do this is as I have said.

I have lots of pages about kittens care including weaning on my web site which you may find of further interest here is the first page


best wishes kate

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