My Kitten's Goopy Eyes

by Nikki
(United States)

We recently got three kittens from my grandmother. Two of them are healthy, but the other, a female kitten named Fuzz, I am concerned about. She has had crusty eyes ever since we got her. I clean them out everyday, but when I check her again, they are just crusty and goopy again. Today, something particularly concerned me. I was cleaning out her eyes, and i pressed on her right eye lightly with a warm cloth. When I pulled it away, eye mucus poured out of her eye. Also, as an approxamately six weeks old, I am concerned that she never plays and just sleeps. And although she eats the most out of the three, she seems completely emaciated. i am concerned about whether she will survive. I hope you can help.

- Nikki and Fuzz

P.S. I'm not sure we have the money to take her to a vet at the moment.

Answer by Kate
well unfortunately it does sound like your cat may need antibiotics from the vet. eye infections are common in small kittens, it mat even be that she had cat flu or has and this is causing the other symptoms too.

i really would recommend a trip to the vets for this little mite.

i have a couple of pages regarding this here for your information

best wishes Kate

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