my kitty cat is sick

hello this is my first cat she is a rescue cat i have had her for two years but this is my first time with a health issue . she is about six years old she threw up 3 or four times yesterday small amounts only the first time looked like it was digested food after that it looked like she has not eaten or drink anything since yesterday she did use her litter box today GOING WEE WEE AND A BOWEL MOVRMENT that is the only time since yesterday that she has been out of bed one other thing her pupils seem to be larger, do i need to take her to a vet or is there a certain amount of recovery time. i do not want to over react but i do not want to under react your help is greatly appreciated.thank you

Answer by KAte
well just lie us humans cats too can pick up little viruses and tummy bugs. Also cat flu could cause this to happen.

my advice is to keep a close eye on her over the next day or so, make sure she has easy access to fresh water so that she doesn't become dehydrated and give her some quiet time to see if she gets over what is troubling her.

there are many possible causes of cat vomiting see here for just a few of them

But in most cases just a little time is required to get over a virus.

if you see no improvement in another day or so or if the symptoms worsen then yes take her to see a vet.

I hope she is better soon
best wishes Kate

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Cat vomiting
by: pete greene

First thing is, and I know from experience, it's difficult, try not to worry. Your cat will pick up on this emotion immediately. Our cat who passed away at the grand old age of 18 last month, was always being sick after eating her food. It happened nearly every day. The vet examined her a few times but always with the same diagnosis 'she was gulping her food too quickly probably being used to other cats taking it off her' Take Kates advice and if it makes you feel any better--see the vet. I hope she soon gets better. Keep us posted.
Regards, Pete.

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